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Chess Tournament Thoughtfully Bans Cleavage So Women Won’t Invite Rude Comments

An IM Conversation at Frisky HQ: Jessica: Oh, Lord, a chess tournament has banned cleavage. Amelia:  I love chess. Jessica:  But do you love playing chess with your titties hanging out? Apparently that's a problem. Amelia:  Especially then. I would do it to distract my opponent if they were a 15-year-old prodigy.

By: Jessica Wakeman / March 12, 2012

Money Shot: A Chess Orgy

Nothing like this Antique Erotic chess set to get you in the mood to play ... with multiple partners. Each orgiastic piece is enough to make Dionysus himself blush. Check mate. [Boing Boing]…

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 12, 2011

Quickies!: Cougar Den Guide

Check out your state's cougar dens. [Tango] Sex with an ex can be done, if you do it right. [College Candy] Stock your cabinet with these 25 beauty essentials and you'll be beautifully prepared for gorgeous days ahead. [] A sailor trod water for 12 hours after he was knocked off a sailboat. [Asylum] Here'…

By: Annika Harris / August 20, 2008