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How Many Chemicals Are In Your Perfume?

My perfume routine varies. Some days I’ll spritz a fragrance in the air and walk through it for a slight essence, and on other days I’ll dab my wrists for a longer-lasting scent. Thanks to a new report from the Environmental Working Group, however, I’m going to have to double think my perfume routine — and my chosen fragrance — because the amount of chemicals in beauty counter buys are a tad disturbing. There are a total of 3,100 chemicals that perfume makers can play with in order to create a scent, and apparently companies are not required to list out ingredients of perfumes, just cosmetics. Perfumes contain an average of 14 chemicals that never get spelled out on product packaging. One specific synthetic chemical, diethyl phthalate, has been linked to sperm damage in adult men and abnormal reproductive organ development in baby boys. Other ingredients may result in hormone disruptions and allergic reactions. Keep reading »

Beauty Products Expose You To 515 Chemicals Per Day!

I know that all the products I use in my daily life certainly can’t be good for me. But I had no idea that, on a day-to-day basis, I could possibly be exposing my body to 515 chemicals. Fear! According to Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, women have up to 515 different chemicals in their body on any given day. Now, of course, this varies depending on how many and which kinds of product you use. But it’s a real problem, as some of the nastiness has reportedly been the cause of breast cancer, fertility issues, skin cancer, and hormonal issues. The most common of the chemicals comes from parabens (preservatives) that basically extend the shelf life of items. When those parabens mutate (from the sun, its infiltration in the body, or the dosage level), in come the problems. So what’s the solution? Cut down, use organic, and make sure to read all the little details on the labels. You can also get hazard ratings on specific products here. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Love Is Just A Combination Of Chemicals In Our Brains

Love seems elusive. Sure, we’ve loved and been in love, but we’ve never known exactly why or how it happens, or if we love one person differently than another. But that could soon change. Writer A.J. Jacobs underwent an MRI while looking at photos of his wife and Angelina Jolie so scientists could study his brain activity. They believe love is the result of a “chemical cocktail,” as Jacobs calls it, based on a person’s sex drive, and feelings of attachment.

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The Daily Squeeze: PETA’s Sexy Cat Ad, Tila Tequila’s Breakup, And Paint’s Effect On Sperm

  • PETA’s pro-neutering/spaying ad has been banned from MTV and most other networks for being too sexy. They’re just cats humping, people! [PETA TV]
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