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Cheaters Love To Eat At The Cheesecake Factory — Plus How To Takes The Best Selfies

Hotel Sex
You're paying big bucks, make it great. Read More »
Booty Call Ettiquette
woman waking up
You should not wake your roommate up if you're having a booty call. Read More »
  • The real reason people cheat is … hell if I know, but these people think they do. [Uptown Mag]
  • But if you are going to cheat, you should probably take your mister/mistress to the Cheesecake Factory. Because they have so many menu options (that menu is longer than the Bible!) and apparently it’s where adulterers prefer to dine. [The Gloss]
  • How to deal when you and your partner have totally different sex drives? CHEAT! I’m kidding, of course. [Gurl]
  • Ice cubes, candle wax and feathers: these are some of the tools of sensation play. [Em & Lo]
  • What’s porn got to do with it? Very little according to a new study. [iVillage] Keep reading »

XTreme Eating Awards: Put Down The Fork, And Back Away

I have a confession. I am a food monster. When left to my own devices, I’ve been known to fry up pancetta and pour it (and the resulting bacon-y grease) over popcorn. I put MSG on everything. My favorite food group is “cheese” and “vehicles for cheese.” Sometimes my roommate walks in and asks, “What are you eating that goat cheese with?” And my answer is, “A spoon.” But none of that prepared me for the Xtreme Eating Awards that the Center of Science compiled to show the public just how unhealthy some meals are at popular chain restaurants. After the jump, some of the scariest. [USAToday] Keep reading »

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