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How To Dress Like An Old-School Cheerleader

In a fitting homage to the ladies whose bouncing about has kept the man folk entertained between tackles for the past 76 years, has named NFL cheerleaders as beauty icons to be emulated. Things have certainly changed since they were allowed onto the field in 1923, over time replacing men who wielded pom poms… More »

Cheerleader Kills A 353-Pound Gator

Embedded video from CNN Video
New television show idea: “Cammie, The Cheerleading Gator Slayer.” This 16-year-old junior varsity pom-pom wielding teen in South Carolina loves hunting, and just made a ginormous catch—a 10-foot, 353-pound alligator. … More »

Cheerleaders Suspended For Someone Else’s Sexting

Back when I was in high school, a guy I was hooking up with had taken some sexy naked photos of me on my new car which I got from a dead old man’s estate sale. To celebrate my first car purchase — a ’88 Mercury Sable, truly the car equivalent of nurses shoes –… More »

Quickies!: What Happens At A Sex Party

The founders of NYC sex party Chemistry reveal what goes on behind closed doors. [Tango]
A 33-year-old woman may face a year in jail for trying to impersonate her 15-year-old daughter and joining the cheerleading squad at a high school in Green Bay, W.I. [College Candy]
Dita Von Teese is promoting her new Wonderbra line… More »

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