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Guess Who This Stylish, Angsty British Teen Grew Up To Be

Helena For Marc Jacobs
Just as crazy as we'd hoped! Read More »
Helena And Tim Burton
The longtime couple have some interesting living arrangements. Read More »

Helena Bonham Carter kills it on the kooky front these days (it’s no coincidence that her initials alternatively stand for Head Bitch in Charge), but with her teased rat’s nest of hair and macabre goth-inspired wardrobe, it’s hard to believe that the prolific actress was once an adorably offbeat, doe-eyed British teenager in the ’80s. Her dark, otherworldly vibe holds up; don’t you just want to hang out and listen to Joy Division in her car after school? [Teenage Film]

See Over 50 Models When They Were Just Kids

Long before these women were one-name wonders, slogging long hours during fashion week, dating movie stars, or starting charities, they were just little girls from all over the world, with no clue what lay in store for them. While we truly believe there are nougly children, it’s probably fair to say some are cuter than others. Since DNA plays the all-important role in a model’s life, we decided to go back to the early days of some of the biggest names in the business — including Arizona Muse, Chanel Iman, Natalia Vodinova, Liu Wen, and Joan Smalls — to see if the signs of supermodel-dom were always there. We’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy our slideshow of family snapshots, given to us by the models themselves, looking cuter than we even expected. Read more…

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