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Allison Brie Is Engaged, And You May Now Look At Her Engagement Ring

Yep, that sure is an engagement ring. …

Robyn Pennacchia / August 25, 2015

Who Is Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney’s New Wife?

Paul McCartney famously sang, “Will you still love me when I’m 64?” Well, he’s technically 69, but 51-year-old Nancy Shevell just answered “I do!” McCartney married his third wife this weekend in London following four years of courtship. “I feel married,”  McCartney told reporters after the ceremony. “I feel absolutely wonderful.” Aww, cute. After losing…

The Frisky / October 10, 2011

Oh, Lovely: Jesse James And Kat Von D Are Engaged!

And he lived happily ever after! Isn’t this romantic — Jesse James and Kat Von D are engaged! Sandra Bullock’s scuzzy ex-husband confirmed to People that he proposed to his equally as tattooed girlfriend. “2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend,” he told the…

Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 20, 2011