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Aubrey O’Day’s Milkshake Won’t Bring Boys To The Yard

This is just plain scary. The reality cracktress pop star is the new campaign model for classy L.A. chain Millions of Milkshakes. Not only is Photoshop working overtime on her bod, but apparently no one is timing Aubrey O’Day‘s 15 minutes. [TheLifeFiles] Keep reading »

Which Items Should The “Jersey Shore” Cast Hawk Next?

We showed you the truly skanky glorious, “sexy sophisticated” shirts that JWoww from “Jersey Shore” is “designing,” assuming that they were just the first in a long line of things that the show’s guidos and guidettes would try to cash in on. As the trashiest of the lot, we thought JWOWW was just ahead of the curve in the realization that her new notoriety means she can make money off of things she has no business being involved in. Alas, Snooki still just wants her own reality TV show and “The Situation” seems to be doing little more than continually flashing his abs at unsuspecting (but worrisomely interested) young ladies. Where are the endorsement deals? Why are these people not using the time before season two starts to hawk all sorts of products they truly know nothing about?! If we had our way, here’s what they’d all be selling next week … Keep reading »

The Most Hilarious Unauthorized Celebrity Endorsements

Image is everything when you’re a celeb (just ask Lindsay Lohan.) Endorsement deals are big money business, but some foreign companies don’t feel like they have to pay stars, even for an erectile dysfunction ad. Now, that’s just insult to injury! But the damage is done and hilarious, so here’s a round up of the funniest unauthorized celeb spokesmodeling from around the globe…

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