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No, this is not how professional dancer Benjamin Millepied, aka Natalie Portman’s fiance and baby daddy, walks down the street every day. Just once in a while. Like last Friday, when he was photographed in New York, shooting an ad for Yves Saint Laurent newest men’s fragrance. Which makes sense, since his lady is the… READ MORE »


Supermodel Naomi Campbell is no stranger to controversy. Her resume includes cell phone beat-downs and blood diamond controversies. Surely, her new ad campaign for Dennis Basso furs will start the fur flying all over again amidst the politically correct fashion set. Of course, if you are a fan of copious gasoline consumption and wearing fur,… READ MORE »


Well, isn’t this disturbing? Copyranter says it’s an ad for Gossip News Magazine, which is maybe in Uruguay? In any case, the tag line reads, “The Other Side of News,” but the visual seems to suggest Lindsay Lohan needs to get her head screwed on straight. Finally, an ad we can agree with! [Copyranter] … READ MORE »