Every single ad in a London subway station was replaced with pictures of cats

Creepy or cool? More »

Unlike lazy humans, cats actually like having to work for their food, a new study says

While you would rather Ubereats your way through life, your cat would rather go out and hunt for his/her food, which means you might need to switch up how you feed your pet. More »

Please Don’t Buy This Brush To “Lick” Your Cat Clean

I am in full support of being nice to your pets, but this takes things a step too far. 

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A Woman Accidentally Mailed Her Cat In A Box Of DVDs

Or her cat conspired to sabotage her, just saying. More »

Women In China Are Showing Off Their Small Waists Behind Pieces Of Paper

In the latest of absurd trends that challenge women to prove they are nothing more than a collage of fuckable shapes, women in China and beyond are engaging in the “A4 Waist Challenge,” in which they pose behind a piece of vertical A4 paper to prove their waist is equal or smaller than the piece… More »

Watch: Cat Rapper ‘Moshow’ Is Our New BFF

How long have we all waited for a rapper to come along who will rap about our love of cats? Basically our entire lives at this point.

Well the wait is finally over, because we are excited to introduce Moshow, a badass dude who raps about how much he loves cats *swoon.*
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Your Cat Will Slay In This 3D-Printed Armor

If you and your feline familiar are itching for a weekend craft project, boy, have we got just the thing! Fire up the old 3D printer and bust out this amazing battle armor for your kitty, using a design from Print That Thing. Even if you don’t have a 3D printer at the ready, you’ll… More »

Wisconsin Cat Treks 1,500 Miles To Florida, Is Found And Brought Home To Safety

Latest news in our insane feline overlords: One of them decided to head to Florida for the winter because she just freaking felt like it. Typical asshole cat, right?

Nadia, a gorgeous Russian Blue whose human owner is Cheri Stocker, disappeared on Christmas Eve this past December 2015.

I guess Nadia… More »

Don’t Worry, Your Fat-ass Cat Will Still Love You If You Put It On A Diet

Princess Fluffyface will still love yu if you put her on a diet. More »

The Perfect Cat For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you don’t have a cat, you need to get one. I have two and I never want to be without them. If this makes me a crazy cat person, so be it. My cats add so much to my life with their affection, the humor they create, and the hours of entertainment they bring.
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Grocery Store Cat Returns To His Rightful Kingdom, Is All Of Us

Olly the English supermarket cat that took the internet by storm in November, has returned to his rightful kingdom atop the shelves of a Sainsbury’s in Brockley, south London, England.

The cat has come back to Brockley Sainsbury's.— Nigel Thornberry (@J_Tema) January 6, 2016

Olly’s spirit is inside of… More »

Study Shows Men With Dogs Are More Attractive

After being questioned about dating deal-breakers in regards to pet habits, it was revealed that 97% of the women polled felt they could date a dog-owner, while less than 60% felt that way about a man who was a cat owner. More »

Sarah MacLachlan Can’t Handle The Overwhelming Sadness Of Her ASPCA Commercials

Sarah MacLachlan, just like us. More »

10 Movie Pussies Who Can Totally Handle The Revenant

Peter Travers says “movie pussies” should stay away from Leo’s new film – I beg to differ. More »

Why Would You Pay Money To Smell Like A Cat?

Generally, this is something to avoid, no? More »

Gift Guide: For Your Feline Overlord

What to get for the cat that has everything?! More »

The Amazing Acro-Cats Don’t Really Give A Shit About Being On The “Late Show”

This is pretty standard. More »

This Very Important Cat Painting Sold For $800K

WANT. More »

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