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“Hot Dog Hooker” Shows Up To Her Sentencing In A Bikini

Hot Dog Hooker
She offers a wiggle with your wiener. Watch »
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Hot Dog Hooker shows up to court in a bikini!

My respect to the Hot Dog Hooker (or Stripper, depending on whether or not you believe her story), Catherine Scalia, who showed up to court today with a bikini under her clothes and a package of hot dogs down her pants. Why? Oh, because she says she wants to “waste no time getting back to work.” That’s the spirit. Get right back on that hot dog truck. She is obviously very confident in her innocence. Even though she plead guilty to one count of prostitution, Scalia is sticking with her story. She maintains that she was offering nothing more than lap dances, that she was only serving wieners, not stroking them. Scalia has served five days in jail already and faces seven more, but could find her sentence reduced if she agrees to a psychiatric evaluation. I would love to be a fly on the the wall for that. Stay tuned to find out if she’ll be back in her truck and offering a “wiggle with your wiener” later today. I’m still dreaming of a reality show with her and Tanning Mom. How can we make that happen? [ABC]

Hot Dog Stripper Offers “A Wiggle With Your Wiener”

Tanning Mom
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Catherine Scalia (aka Hot Dog Hooker), is back on the streets and offering “a wiggle with your wiener.” Wonderful slogan, by the way. I hope I have the opportunity to work that into conversation today. Even though she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor prostitution after giving an undercover cop a side of lap dance with his hot dog last week, she is adamant that she isn’t a hooker. Hooker’s suck and f**k, strippers wiggle. She’s a stripper. So please, refer to her as “Hot Dog Stripper” when you order your wiener/wiggle combo. Or we could call her Hot Dog Mom since she has four teenage sons. I really want Hot Dog Stripper and Tanning Mom to do a reality show together. I’d love to watch those two conversate. [Bossip]

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