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Nev Schulman Was Kicked Out Of College For Punching A Woman And Is Still Being A Creep About It

Nev Schulman Was Kicked Out Of College For Punching A Woman And Is Still Being A Creep About It

It’s recently come to light that Nev Schulman of the documentary-turned-reality show “Catfish” was expelled from Sarah Lawrence College for punching a female student in 2006. Schulman actually shares his side of the story in his new book, In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age, which was released exactly a week before he took to Twitter yesterday to speak out against domestic violence in the aftermath of Ray Rice’s dismissal from the NFL. (Coincidence? Some think not)

In In Real Life, Schulman describes a night at a dance called the Sleaze Ball (“a night of debauchery, drugs and girls dressed primarily in lingerie”) during which, by his account, he was provoked into hitting a female student. Schulman, who was a junior at the time, had been taking pictures of the event when he got into an altercation that’s fueled rumors for years. In the book, he recounts: Keep reading »

Lesbian Rapper Catfishes Straight Women By Pretending To Be Bow Wow, Tries To Turn Them Gay With A Lambskin Dildo

Lesbian Rapper Catfishes Straight Women By Pretending To Be Bow Wow, Tries To Turn Them Gay With A Lambskin Dildo
"How do you DO that?"

Last night’s episode of “Catfish” was too good to be missed. Keyonnah reached out to Nev and Max because she has developed an online relationship with a person she believes to be … wait for it … the rapper BOW WOW. As much as this superfan would like to believe her online boyfriend is her favorite rapper, she knows it’s sort of suspicious that a famous celeb like Bow Wow would woo and send money to a random chick he’s never met. Ya think? Nev and Max, meanwhile, decide to take the complicated route to pursuing the truth of this catfish story, instead of just calling up Bow Wow’s publicist and asking if Bow Wow is in an online relationship with a random fan. They probs could have cleared that up real quick. And lo and behold — spoiler alert!!! — Keyonnah’s online love turns out NOT to be Bow Wow (what?!) but a female hip-hop artist named Dee Pimpen, who uses a fake Bow Wow Facebook fan page to lure in straight women so she can turn them gay because she “likes a challenge.” Here, Dee explains to Max the other trick she has up her sleeve for turning straight girls…

Actor Thomas Gibson Gets Catfished By A “Beautiful Woman”

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Stars, they’re just like us! They also get tricked into devious pornographic online relationships with beautiful strangers who are actually, probably, basement-dwelling anti-social weirdos. Case in point: Thomas Gibson, star of “Dharma and Greg” and “Criminal Minds,” who’s allegedly been engaging in an illicit online affair with a woman in North Dakota.

The affair has been going on for two years, claims the woman, who admitted that stole images from racy sites like LoveGiselle.com and sent them to Gibson. According to the woman, all was going well until a few months ago, when Gibson’s lawyers sent her a note demanding that she drop contact because they’d discovered her pictures were fake. She refused to release her name, but what she did hand over, though, was a video tape of Gibson in a hot tub. And yes, it’s almost too embarrassing to watch. Keep reading »

Now Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair Can Be Mine (Sort Of)

Now Nev Schulman's Chest Hair Can Be Mine (Sort Of)

I’ve been sweating Nev Schulman since I saw “Catfish” (the movie), and my crush only grew once the TV show inspired by the film debuted on MTV. (A Frisky staffer referred to him as an “emotional vampire,” but I disagree!) In case you live under a rock, “Catfish” (the movie) was a documentary made by Nev’s brother and friend about an online romance Nev developed with a woman who turned out not to exist, exactly. The TV show follows Nev has he helps regular folks meet their alleged virtual lovers in real life, although 99.9 percent of the time, they too turn out not to be who they said they are. Anyway, whatever, I’m totally hot for Nev and just the other night, as I was watching the latest episode of “Catfish” (WTF was Ramon thinking, am I right?!), I tweeted, “If @NevSchulman was my boyfriend I would never want him to do any manscaping,” referring of course to Nev’s impressive — and sexy! — thatch of chest fur. Chances are pretty good that Nev is never going to be my boyfriend, which is why I was stoked to discover that he made T-shirts with his own chest hair design on them. They appear to no longer be on sale, but I’m hoping Nev will see this post and send me one. For my next real boyfriend, obvs. [Buzzfeed]

Katie Couric Gives Manti Te’o A Hard Time In First Televised Interview Since Catfish Scandal Broke

"Aren't we splitting hairs here, Manti?"
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Gotta say, props to Katie Couric for not messin’ around in her exclusive interview with Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o. Te’o had a much publicized sob story about losing both his grandmother and his girlfriend on the same day, but it was recently revealed on Deadspin that his girlfriend Lennay did not exist and her persona was concocted by an acquaitance of Manti’s. This called many of Manti’s previous statements about Lennay into question, including the fact that he claimed that they “met” after a game and that he had told his parents she had visited him in Hawaii. So when Manti tried to tell Katie that he hadn’t lied about Lennay, she didn’t let him get away with it. Keep reading »

5 Easy Tips To Avoid Getting “Catfished” Like Manti Te’o

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Even if you know nothing about sports (ME!), you are now familiar with the name Manti Te’o, linebacker for Notre Dame. Yesterday, Deadspin published a piece exposing Te’o's girlfriend’s death as a hoax. Not just her death, but her existence. Lennay Kekua was never born, never attended Stanford, never got in a serious car wreck, and never died from leukemia. If those last few sentences sounded complicated, that’s because this story is a clusterfuck.

To give the most cursory of summaries, Deadspin discovered what every other mainstream news outlet — like ESPN and Sports Illustrated – should have: that Manti Te’o got “Catfished.” I refer to the 2010 documentary “Catfish” and subsequent MTV series about people who are bamboozled into having relationships with people on the internet who turn out to be fictional. To add another layer of complexity to this story, it’s unclear whether Te’o was “Catfished” without his knowledge or whether he was in on the hoax. And if he was an orchestrator of the hoax, what was his motivation? Was the sob story — that his grandmother and girlfriend died on the same day — concocted to aid in his question for the Heisman? Or did he make up a nearly year-long romantic relationship to cover for the fact that he’s really gay? Of course, there’s always the possibility that he is a serious sociopath.

But for the sake of argument, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment and assume that he was “Catfished” without his knowledge as he claims. This actually happens more than one would think. And there are some simple ways to avoid being a victim of “Catfishing.” Our tips after the jump. Keep reading »

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