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“Cat Men”: A Documentary About Crazy Cat Gentlemen

C'est L'Amour
Karl Lagerfeld kisses his cat Choupette.
Karl Lagerfeld wants to marry his cat Choupette. Read More »
Cat meets squirrel with Squittens
Nine kittens sitting like squirrels! Read More »
Grumpy Gets A Movie
The way we live now: Grumpy Cat is getting her own movie. Read More »
cat men documentary
Real Men Love Cats

Hoo boy. The way to my heart is most definitely through an Australian-accented bearded hottie who reads and can wax political about gender and, oh yeah, LOVES CATS. Ben John Smith, the bearded hottie in question, and his pal Cam McCulloch are currently in the process of filming a documentary called “Cat Men.” The film seeks to explore, as Flavorwire puts it, the “cat-loving men [who] remain curiously underrepresented in both the media and in popular culture.” Here’s a clip of Smith (who has a girlfriend, boo) discussing two of his kitties, named William Burroughs and Sylvia Plath, singing to them (!), and showing off his plural cat tattoos. As a crazy cat lady in training, it is my official opinion that the only thing that could make “Cat Men” better would be for Karl and Choupette to get involved. [YouTube via Flavorwire]

Debate This: Are You Pro Or Anti “Cat Guys”?

This weekend, The New York Times “Style” section had a story about guys who have embraced their love of cats. I’ve come to the conclusion that women are either passionately pro- or anti-cat guy — turns out we have one of each on our staff! After the jump, Wendy Atterberry and Catherine state their cases. Here comes the pun I have been dying to use for the last three sentences — the claws come out! Keep reading »

Poll: What Do You Think Of “Cat Men”?

Until a couple months ago, I didn’t know any single guys who owned cats. Men are supposed to be into dogs, or so we’re told, them being “man’s best friend” and all. I randomly looked up the word “wuss” in an online dictionary, and the sample sentence reads, “Cats are for wusses, dog men say.” But I live in a city where dog ownership could be compared to driving a Hummer. Being in possession of either requires a big commitment in both time and money, and just as it’s impossible to find a parking spot big enough for an H3, dogs can be an inconvenience. So, men seem to being latching onto cats as an acceptable furry friend no longer reserved for lonely single women — I’ve met two who own two cats each in the last month alone.

An excerpt of self-professed “cat man” Tom Cox’s book Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man reads: “Being a heterosexual man and admitting to another heterosexual man that you like cats can feel a little like telling him that you still sleep alongside your childhood collection of teddy bears.” He has six cats.

I’m wondering what you think about guys who own cats — cool or creepy? [NOTE: I never really understood why some people are so into cats, but then I saw a tiny kitten AND met a cool cat in the same week, and now I'm changing my tune.] [The Times, U.K.] Keep reading »

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