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United Bamboo Now Makes Cat Teepees

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United Bamboo is a designer clothing company that makes expensive clothes for humans, and equally expensive clothes for cats. Like, you can buy a sequined cat evening gown for $68 or a cat parka (with animal fur on it!) for $98. If you want. If that’s your thing. They even make an annual cat calendar, featuring cats dressed up in hipster-style humanoid clothes. And now these same catsploitaters have come up with what they term Cat Tipis, but what everybody else would call Expensive Toy-sized Teepees for your cat. Says United Bamboo: “Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, tipis make the perfect all-season cat home.” (As does, you know, your house).  If you so desire to buy a tiny superfluous home for your beloved furry friend, it’ll cost you an adorable $58.

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Do you have an extra $25 to $65 you’d like to spend to torture your cat? Me too! That’s why I am all about this Etsy seller CATatelier, who makes specially designed cat hats, cravats (cravcats, say it three times fast), and ties. Your cat is totally naked without one of these specialty garments, trust me. Like, do you ever look at your cat’s head and think, Cat face, you need a newsboy cap? Or, your cat’s collar is kind of boring, so you’re like, “David Duchovny” — you named your cat David Duchovny, BTW — “you could use a bowtie.” Blam, CATatelier has those in spades. Your cat will hate you, but that’s a small price to pay for looking good. [Prices Vary, CATelier]

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