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Five Items From Winter You Can Wear This Summer

According to old school fashion rules, now that Memorial Day is upon us, we can dust off our bright whites without committing a fashion faux pas.

But the sort of thinking that declares a strict divide between summer and winter clothes is just too fussy for us—try these five of our favorite trends from the winter even as summer waxes on. Besides, we’ve never been sticklers for fashion rules anyway. Keep reading »

Men Deserve Expensive Underwear, Too

Shelling out the big bucks for lingerie isn’t that uncommon — this La Perla bra alone costs $238. But would you spend $250 on cashmere boxer briefs for your boyfriend? Last weekend, T, The New York Times Style Magazine featured this semi-sheer pair by designer Maurizio Amadei. They’re not really meant to be worn all the time, more like loungewear rather than everyday underwear. They look kind of cozy, and I think I could be enticed to buy a pair for a special occasion. Amelia says she would only buy them if they were on sale for $100. Well, I wasn’t able to find them at a discount online, in fact, I couldn’t find any cashmere men’s underwear. A gay friend advised that cashmere isn’t a popular fabric for underthings because it stretches out too much and wouldn’t flatter anyone, even David Beckham. “It would look like you’re wearing a diaper or borrowed your chubby bro’s skivvies,” he told us. A quick search did reveal a few pairs that are allegedly as soft as cashmere. See the packages after the jump. [WARNING: If you find a slight bulge offensive or NSFW, maybe you should wait to view until you're in the privacy of your own home.] Keep reading »

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