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Porn Star Blows Her Chance At BJ Record

Carolin Berger, whose porn star name is “Cora,” set out to break a world record by, uh, orally pleasuring 200 dudes. But after reaching the 75th guy, Cora was rushed to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe. Yeah, of course she couldn’t breathe! We can barely breathe when giving, you know, one blow job. Hey, do you think the docs in the ER had to give her mouth-to-mouth?

Anyhoo, sadly, this isn’t the first time that Cora’s sexcapades have gotten her into trouble. In another brilliant move, Cora used a public park to film sex scenes for a porn during the day. Parents were outraged when their children got an impromptu sex-ed lesson, and they called the police. When the cops showed up, Cora’s horny dudes packed their junk and headed for the hills. One particularly intelligent lad tripped over his pants, breaking his wrist. Fingers crossed it wasn’t the one he uses for the money shot! Keep reading »

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