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Your “Call Me Maybe” Addiction Has Affected My Life Negatively In The Following Ways…

Call Me Maybe?
"Call me maybe" business cards are officially a thing. Read More »
Carly Misconceptions
5 ridiculous misconception's Winona's boyfriend has about Carly Rae. Read More »
Call Me Maybe Cover
Jimmy Fallon and The Roots cover "Call Me Maybe"
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A "Call Me Maybe" Intervention

Jared’s “Call Me Maybe” addiction has affected the lives of his loved ones negatively in the following ways: He embarrasses them by going into restaurants with pennies and dimes and asking waitresses for kisses, he rips his own jeans to show skin and then steals money to buy new jeans. This spoof of A&E’s “Intervention” proves that any kind of addiction can get out of control, even one to Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” Let’s hope that Jared gets the help he needs to stop “Call Me Maybeing.” [Buzzfeed]

“Call Me Maybe” Dating Cards Are Officially A Thing

It looks like Carly Rae Jepson’s song “Call Me Maybe” may have inspired more than a slew of viral tributes, which reached a fever pitch on “The Today Show”‘s live dance-off last week. The latest in “Call Me Maybe” memetry (I just made that word up …  it’s like puppetry, but with memes) are business cards that men seem to be distributing to women. On the one hand, I might chuckle half-heartedly if I received one. I can appreciate irony. But the “maybe” phone call would be a “never” for me. I can’t take dating gimmicks seriously. I would be left to wondering how many he had handed out in that crowded bar alone. Ten? One hundred? Hoping for one phone call … maybe. His time would be better spent getting the phone number or email address of one girl he really liked. Besides, I hate talking on the phone, so there’s that too. I barely call my family. And those are like, required phone calls to people I love.

How about you? Have you gotten a “Call Me Maybe” business card? What would you do if you did? [Jezebel]

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