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Halloween Inspiration Board: Model Cara Delevigne

Halloween Inspiration Board: Model Cara Delevigne

If you pay any attention at all to the fashion industry or have picked up a fashion magazine in the last year, chances are good you at least recognize this face: Cara Delevigne is arguably the hottest up-and-coming model in years, thanks to her trademark heavy brows, wacky facial expressions, edgy street style and, uh, history of dropping bags of cocaine in public. And dressing up as Cara for Halloween turns out to be totally easy. Snag her (exact, I believe) Bart Simpson two-piece ensemble on eBay, plop on a red beanie and combat boots, sling a personalized backpack over your shoulder and make as many weird faces are you can think of all night (here are a few to inspire you). Oh yeah, and fill a small baggy with powdered sugar to act as your faux cocaine — seriously, don’t be all method and use the real stuff. As Cara knows all too well, that spells trouble. Full deets for this costume after the jump! Keep reading »

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