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This Week In Florida (Lady Edition!): Drug Dealers, Car Fires & Worst First Dates

WTF, Florida?
Mayoral candidate called unelectable because she's unmarried. Read More »
Florida Teachers
What's up with all the teacher/ student affairs in Florida? Read More »

Florida women! They are the oft overlooked counterpart to Florida men, who seemingly have all the fun taking bathsalts, being mermen and eating cockroaches. Florida is a beautiful place, but let’s be real, it does have a disproportionate amount of weird stuff happening too. In any case, this week, Florida women really stole the spotlight from Florida dudes. There was a smattering of fantastical, bizarre Florida moments, and because sometimes stuff (Florida stuff) falls through the cracks, we’ve put together a round up of this week’s notable Florida lady stories. Keep reading »

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