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The decision to remove him was unanimous. More »


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Will U.S. Border Control agents will soon find themselves dealing with enough distracted players lurking between Canada and the United States that they have to form a new Pokémon-related protocol?More »

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Better political representation? Check. Paid leave? Check. Leader who literally can’t stop talking about feminism? Check and check. More »

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Way to not let this horrific opportunity slide by, Maple Match. I see you. Now please save me. Tell Sandra Oh my body is ready. More »


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His Facebook post immediately went viral, with large support from the immigrant community at large as well as Americans and Canadians who equally disdain Trump’s bigotry. More »

Oh, Canada! More »

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They’re only available in Canada, unfortunately. #WorthIt? More »


It’s not just a dream! You can move to Canada if Trump wins! More »

Winter is harsh and unforgiving in many climes, but our nice friends up north in Canada, get it the worst of all. To combat the soul-crushing darkness of a long,… More »

All of a sudden, Canada seems unbelievably cool. Not cool in the way of, like, swagger – cool in the way of being genial and welcoming and friendly and low-key.More »


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Explains Mystery Behind Gender-Balanced Cabinet
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During Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s swearing in on Wednesday, a reporter asked him why he thought it was important to have a gender-balanced cabinet of 15 women and 15… More »

A pharmacist assistant at a Canadian pharmacy “accidentally” gave out out bipolar medication to trick-or-treaters instead of candy Saturday night.

Apparently, a woman dropped her teenage son’s prescription… More »