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Just Say No To Camel Toe

The other day, I was sitting around, and I was thinking, you know what this world needs? World peace, an end to the BP disaster, and underwear that camouflages camel toe. While we may not have reached world peace or solved the BP mess yet, someone has invented Camelflage, undies that conceal unsightly camel toe action. What are the benefits of Camelflage, you ask? “Visual privacy,” because who wants their hoo-ha on display all over town? “Confidence,” because I know I feel better when I know everyone can’t see my genital silhouette, and “Secure fit,” because when I wear Camelflage, I want to stay camelflaged. Then, as the website points out, “You will feel safe and secure knowing you aren’t ‘that girl’ everyone is laughing at behind your back.” And who wants to be that girl? I know I don’t. All this for $19.99. Now, onto world peace. [Racked] Keep reading »

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