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3 Horrible Things You’ll Hear About Patrick Kane’s Accuser And How To Respond

This weekend, I had the misfortune of being in the room when one person asked a group: “So what do you think of Patrick Kane?”
What they were asking was, implicitly, What do you think of the news that Chicago Blackhawks hero Patrick Kane raped a woman he met at a bar in his hometown

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 10, 2015

What Is Wrong With People? Part 53

There are some things you shouldn’t let in your house: a gang of rowdy teenagers, an axe murderer, and definitely not a bison. And yet! Jim and Linda Sautner of Alberta, Canada, have indeed adopted a pet bison that lives with them indoors. Bailey Jr. hangs out in the house, drinks water from the…

Julie Gerstein / November 5, 2010