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Is It OK To Cheat Once?

According to our homeboys at BroBible, it’s OK to cheat once in a relationship. “Call it what you want — quarter-life crisis, cold feet, or the fear of commitment — but the fact remains that it has become human nature for a man in his twenties to question his future with a girl,” they say. So what’s a guy to do? Why, cheat, of course! But only once. If he does that, “It will either scare a man straight or set him free.” The idea isn’t altogether as godawful a concept as it may sound. If a guy thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, well, maybe what he needs to do is find out. That way, he can choose his, um, current yard, or he can break through the fence and spend the rest of his life humping stray female dogs who may or may not have fleas, mange, and whatever else wayward dogs have. Although, we’re not so sure this is such a great idea. Keep reading »

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