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Boxer Jeans Are The New WTF Underwear For Men

Both boxers and jeans are so comfortable for men. Why not combine the two? A Japanese company has made JeanPants, a pair of boxer-briefs printed to look like denim cutoffs, according to Styleite. Why any guy would want to look like he’s wearing denim cutoffs a la Jessica Simpson in “The Dukes Of Hazzard” is beyond me. If a guy whipped off his Levi’s to reveal denim-esque boxers underneath, I would laugh and laugh.

However, here is the real question: is this sartorial atrocity better or worse than a href=”http://www.thefrisky.com/tag/jeggings”>jeggings? [Japan Trend Shop via Styleite] Keep reading »

Banana Fibers Make Tighty Whities Breathable

Comparing a man’s package to a banana is nothing new. But now, this organ is getting linked to bananas for more than its physical shape. AussieBum, an Australian underwear company, has created an eco-friendly line of men’s underwear that is made from 27 percent banana fiber, 64 percent cotton, and nine percent Lycra. (AussieBum uses the bark weave from the banana plant to make the fiber.) The underwear is not only lightweight, but also absorbent. Now wearers won’t have to worry about salty balls in the summer — that sounds like a win-win for them and their lovers. [Reuters, AussieBum] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Has The Recession Really Come To This?

Have we been hit so hard by the recession that women have started making tank tops from men’s briefs? We hope not. Keep reading »

Push-Up Underwear For Men

For all of us who have ever enjoyed the work of a good push-up bra, the next sentence probably won’t be a huge shock. Guys want in on the action. But it’s not our cleavages they’re most interested in. It’s they’re own packages they’re dying to enhance. Capitalizing on the effects of the Wonderbra, designer Roland Lodoli has created push-up boxer briefs designed to “make the most of modest manhoods,” and, he says, they’ve been flying off the shelves at his shop in Zagreb, Croatia. All of which leads one to wonder: Are Croatian “manhoods” particularly modest? Lodoli says he’s working on push-up swimwear now, so men never have to feel ashamed at the beach again — “no matter how cold the water.” If a man can really wear a push-up bikini brief without feeling the least bit ashamed, more power to him, I guess. [TheSun.co.uk] Keep reading »

James Bond Prefers Briefs

The editor of the James Bond fanzine 007 just bought a black-and-white photograph of Sean Connery taken on the set of 1963′s From Russia With Love. He is wearing nothing but his underwear, which are tight and white. The buyer plans to share the photo with the public: “It’s not the sort of picture you would expect to see of him, even then, and hopefully he will see this again and have a good laugh.” Or he’ll just slap you around a little. [HipHip-Elements.com] Keep reading »

Men Deserve Expensive Underwear, Too

Shelling out the big bucks for lingerie isn’t that uncommon — this La Perla bra alone costs $238. But would you spend $250 on cashmere boxer briefs for your boyfriend? Last weekend, T, The New York Times Style Magazine featured this semi-sheer pair by designer Maurizio Amadei. They’re not really meant to be worn all the time, more like loungewear rather than everyday underwear. They look kind of cozy, and I think I could be enticed to buy a pair for a special occasion. Amelia says she would only buy them if they were on sale for $100. Well, I wasn’t able to find them at a discount online, in fact, I couldn’t find any cashmere men’s underwear. A gay friend advised that cashmere isn’t a popular fabric for underthings because it stretches out too much and wouldn’t flatter anyone, even David Beckham. “It would look like you’re wearing a diaper or borrowed your chubby bro’s skivvies,” he told us. A quick search did reveal a few pairs that are allegedly as soft as cashmere. See the packages after the jump. [WARNING: If you find a slight bulge offensive or NSFW, maybe you should wait to view until you're in the privacy of your own home.] Keep reading »

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