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Romance On TV: The Big Brother House Guests Split Up!

So they really threw the Big Brother house guests a curveball last night! A few days ago, Julie Chen, the show’s “host”, told the crew of couples that at some point an incredibly shrill alarm would sound, signaling that the house guests should gather in the living room for a very important announcement. After all, the Big Brother motto is “expect the unexpected” (and “don’t worry, I’m sure mom and dad aren’t watching the live feeds”). So last night, just after it was revealed that Alison and Ryan were the latest couple voted out of the house, that shrill bell did ring — whereupon Julie announced that they were now playing as individuals, giving the 9th season’s theme, “‘Till Death Do You Part” a whole new meaning. Because breaking up is like dying! Get it? Anyway, this is a welcome game play change for the viewers and the house guests, because, let’s face it, all of the couples so scientifically put together by the Big Brother matchmakers don’t really like each other (except my picks to go to the end, James and Chelsia) and the idea of sharing the big jackpot at the end must have been kind of a downer. [CBS: Big Brother] Keep reading »

Breakup Via Wikipedia and Ebay

It took a few years, but manly ingenuity has finally found a worse way to break up with someone than on a post-it note. Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales dumped his girlfriend, Fox News commentator Rachel Marsden, through a post on his own website. The recently divorced website mogul took notice of the cute Canadian conservative because her Wikipedia page was splashed with haterade. When Marsden asked for some help editing the site, Wales offered to get her out of one sticky situation and into another via IM. The best part is, just like the breakup, you can read what they typed with one hand online thanks to his competitors at Google, whose sites’ features allowed her to save their Gchat convos. When Wales threatened to have her deported after the split, Ms. Marsden, who has a history of harassing ex-boyfriends, decided to retaliate by emailing the IMs around to the press and using eBay to sell the personal items he left behind at her apartment. One of his t-shirts with a big “white stain” is going for over $12,000. Um, why? Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Simon Cowell & Viagra, Mothers, History, And Wikipedia

  • American Idol judge Simon Cowell turned down an offer to be Viagra’s spokesperson, according to the British edition of Glamour. He also acknowledged that he uses Botox to maintain his face, calling it “no more unusual than toothpaste.” [NY Daily News]
  • Mothers tend to discuss twice as many sexual topics with with their children as fathers do, according to a report published in Pediatrics. [Reuters]
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    Facebook Will Lead To The Downfall Of Romance And Mystery!

    I’ve decided that Facebook and MySpace are dangerous for couples. Here are some examples of what I mean:

    1. My fiance and I are both on Facebook, but were not “friends” until recently because, as he said, “I hate Facebook. I only am on it for work networking reasons.” Which explains why, I guess, he didn’t accept my friend request for six months. And then I had to badger him into accepting our engagement status online.
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    Let Your Relationship R.I.P.

    Dennis Quaid once said, “When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It’s like death.” I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but breakups generally suck. So, if you’re mourning the loss of a relationship, visit Relationship Obituary and write a memorial to what was. [Relationship Obituary] Keep reading »

    Ellen and Portia Crush Our Lesbian Dreams

    Rumor of the Day: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi may be headed to Breakupsville. This is a devastating thought for a multitude of reasons.

    1) They are kind of the lesbian version of Brad and Angelina. Maybe it’s just us, but Portia is all lush and Botticelli-esque, while Ellen has a really sexy masculinity to her. Our hetero-ness is tested by them.
    2) No fair! Ellen wasted all those years with crazy-eyes-killer Anne Heche/Celestia and the world was so pleased when she found someone equally as adoring of her as Portia. She can’t take another breakup.
    3) Umm, Portia, Arrested Development was canceled. You don’t have a career. Life isn’t going to get better than being Ellen’s stay-at-home wifey.

    UPDATE: It’s not true! Praise Sappho! [DListed] Keep reading »

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