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9 Reasons That The Workout Reality Show “Toned Up” Is Actually Kind Of Great

I have a confession to make: ”Toned Up” is my new “guilty” pleasure — but I am unashamed.

My friend/workout buddy Kate introduced me to the show, which follows the lives of the ladies behind the Tone It Up fitness empire, and I’ve secretly gotten totally hooked. The show follows best friends Karena and Katrina (yeah, their names are really that similar), who started their exercise business together a few years ago. Yes, they are both model-gorgeous and do things like hold board meetings at the beach. But there’s a whole lot more to the women than that. Anyway, I’d certainly rather watch fitness gurus goof off on TV than angry housewives!

Here are just few reasons “Toned Up” is actually great: Keep reading »

I’m Ready For “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” And You Should Be Too

Diagnosing "RHONJ"
What is wrong with all these Housewives? Read More »
Housewives Drama
Desperate Housewives
Did the Housewives cast ice out Teri Hatcher? Read More »
Who's Brawling Now?

I’m an advocate for all installments in Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise, but the ladies of New Jersey have a special place in my heart. It was the first installment in the series that I watched regularly and I fell under its spell, transfixed by these women and their lives, fascinated by the way reality TV has become a genre of its own, entirely removed from the cinema verite of early iterations like “The Real World.”

Reality TV 2.0 presents a case study of how normal people react to a particular and sudden kind of fame. We love these women and their antics because it shines a bright light on the conundrum of modern celebrity and what it means to be “famous.” Their actions provide a mirror for the viewer to reflect. “I would never behave like that,” you’ll say as Teresa Giudice flips a table at a christening, or as Melissa Gorga indulges the adenoidal advances of her beefed up husband. Half the fun of watching is to reflect on how you’d behave in their place, and to watch the slow, careful unravelling of what was a normal life, amped up by cameras and Andy Cohen. Keep reading »

7 Possible “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Storylines For The Return Of Danielle Staub

Diagnosing "RHONJ"
What is wrong with all these Housewives? Read More »
Staub At Scores
Danielle Staub signs a contract with Scores. Read More »

Oh, happy day! Although Andy Cohen denies it, according to an anonymous source at InTouch Weekly, Danielle Staub, my favorite “Real Housewives” cast member of all time, is coming back to the show.

“Bravo has offered Danielle a contract. Danielle is contemplating whether this will be full-time or part-time … She will be filming several episodes … The producers squeezed all the juice they could from the Giudices-versus-Gorgas story line and had to think of a fresh outlet for drama. Having her back on will ruffle a lot of feathers!”

I don’t really care if it’s true or not. I’ve already gone off on a total storyline dreamscape. After the jump, my ideas for the return of the Staub, since we all know the show is more or less scripted anyway. Keep reading »

Phaedra Parks Is Now Available For Pet Funerals

Meet Ridiculous
He's the male stripper who can blow himself! Watch »
Real Dragwives
The Real Dragwives of Atlanta. Watch »
Reality TV Lessons
reality tv photo
Life lessons gleaned from reality TV. Read More »
Phaedra of "RHOA" will give your pet a proper send-off

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is back, minus Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton, plus Kenya Moore and Porsha Willams-Stewart. Don’t try to do the math, it still equals all the drama one could ever hope for.

The teaser at the beginning is like whoa. Apollo might be cheating with one of the new girls, NeNe is dating her ex-husband Gregg, Kim is pregnant and about to be homeless, Kandi’s in lurvveee and possibly tying the knot, Cynthia is all about The Bailey Agency and Kenya is the self-appointed coochie crack police at the Bailey Agency. And Phaedra? Well, she’s focused on her business ventures as always. Keep reading »

“Gallery Girls” Recap: Art Basel Dreams And Champagne Nightmares

Gallery Girls Recap: VIDEO
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"Gallery Girls," Ep. 5
Here comes Sucklord! Read More »
"Gallery Girls," Ep. 4
Bitches, breakdowns, and breakups, oh my! Read More »
Amelia and Greg Debrief On "Gallery Girls"

The nightmare calvary rolls on with the latest installment of “Gallery Girls.” This week is part two of the girls’ decimation of Art Basel Miami, an art scene wankfest set amongst the palm trees and poolsides of Florida. Above, Amelia and Greg from Hyper Vocal discuss their reactions to the episode, which I shall recap in full (with clips!) after the jump! So much “Gallery Girls,” no soulless moment left unanalyzed. Keep reading »

Bravo Is Developing A “Heathers” TV Show!

Headed To TV?
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Best Mean Girls
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High School Pic
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Morning Quickies
George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler photo
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