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Workout Apparel For Sweating In Style

Working out is a necessary part of life, and whether you’re a marathon runner or an elliptical pro, one fact remains the same: You can’t exercise in the nude. We’re always interested in cute, affordable workout clothes because, though we don’t want to spend money on stuff we’re just going to sweat in, it’s important to be happy with what we’re wearing. Now, thanks to Forever 21′s new line of workout paraphernalia, we can stock up on everything from socks to cute sports bras and spend the money we save on regular clothes that show off our hard work.

[$12.80 Forever 21]

BareLifts: Solution For Swimsuit Cleavage Dilemmas

A few days ago, I posted a “Worth The Splurge” suggestion of a Zimmerman corset swimsuit that I had fallen in love with. Readers, I should have listened to you when you told me, “All I can think of when I look at this suit is how quickly a nip slip is going to happen. The second you get in the water, that suit is going down.” My suit came today, and I should have known to order a size up because of my extra large boobs. The cups fit OK, but they’re not really holding up my breasts. This, however, is a problem I (and other D-cup ladies) have with a lot of swimsuits. So, before I give up, there’s one last thing to try: BareLifts. There are several of bra-less sticker products out there; however, the adhesives on BareLifts are waterproof, so you can wear them under a bikini or one-piece. For those of you out there with larger breasts who have never been able to pull off a string triangle top, you might want to give these doo-dads a try. [$10, BareLifts]
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The Little Bra Company Focuses On Your Little Ladies

I found the prettiest bra while trolling for lacy lingerie the other day. It was delicate but sturdy, lacy but not cheap-looking, and I wanted it. Unfortunately, it’s made by The Little Bra Company, which a saleswoman told me focuses exclusively on A and B cup bras. My loss, your gain, Itty Bitty Titty Committee. The ever-helpful (and largely small-chested) sales staff at Journelle, my new favorite lingerie spot, raved about the fit, making me all the more jealous of those of you who’ve got the appropriate amount of lady lumps to indulge. [$58, The Little Bra Company] Keep reading »

What Do You Wear Under A Backless Dress?

At the CFDA Awards earlier this week, model Carmen Kass showed some serious skin in a backless Michael Kors dress. She couldn’t get away with a regular bra with this cut, and this got us to thinking: What do you wear underneath dresses with open backs? Keep reading for your best backless bra options. Keep reading »

Built-In Placket Bras Solve Boob Issues

About a year ago, I wore a black wrap dress to a job interview. As I prepared to leave the house, I silently congratulated myself on the appropriateness of the outfit, noting the mid-knee length and the tailored but not too tight skirt. So when I looked down an hour later, midway through a sentence about computer programming, and noticed the dress’ high V had turned into a very, very low V from which the girls were threatening to break loose, I was a tad stunned. I got the job but didn’t appreciate the unsolicited help and vowed never to be the victim of wrap dress unraveling again. To help me on my mission, I’ve enlisted the service of Wacoal’s Center Stage cami bra. That built-in lace placket has changed my wardrobe’s life. Keep reading »

The Cleavage Caddy

The Cleavage Caddy might be a convenient place to stash your stuff at summer concerts this year when you want to go hands-free, but I can’t imagine it does much for one’s boobs. [via TheSnuggleBag and Jezebel] Keep reading »

Would You Grow Rice In Your Bra?

Sometimes there are actually no words for the creations people dream up. Lingerie maker and retailer Triumph International Japan just designed a bra that also doubles as a planter, so you can grow rice right from your bosom. Everyone wants to have boobs that grow rice, right? The Tanbo Bra is essentially a white pot cut right down the middle and outfitted with straps for easy wearing. It comes with arm guards, reflectors to ward off bugs, and a belt contraption to hold potting soil, seedlings, and work gloves. But this isn’t the lingerie brand’s first foray into interesting delicate wear. Last year they created a bra that allowed for quick golf-putting practice on the go. So we have to wonder, what’s next? [Examiner] Keep reading »

MySkins Bras And Panties Prove One “Nude” Option Is Not Enough

The other day, I was explaining to my aunt and grandmother why I’d never buy a white bra and prefer to purchase mostly black underwear. A white bra is noticeable under both white and black tops because of my skin tone, so I’ve learned the hard way that black bras are my friends, and the same goes for black panties. Why don’t I buy nude underwear, you might ask? Well, nude typically refers to one flesh tone that usually doesn’t come close to matching my skin — or most women’s for that matter. That’s why I was so excited to hear about MySkins, a line of lingerie available in 20 colors meant to match a variety of skin tones. Picking your nude is easy. All you have to do is either print a MySkins Skin Tone Color Card (or send away for one by mail), pick the best match, then choose between three bra and panty styles. Now you’ll get noticed for your outfit and not your visible underwear. [MySkins] Keep reading »

The KK Cup Replaces The K Cup As The Biggest Bra Size On High Street

As a sometimes-proud member of the itty bitty titty committee, it’s really difficult for me to imagine needing a K cup bra, let alone a KK cup. I’m in the minority, however, as the average size of women’s breasts has increased over the years, as a result of weight gain, cosmetic surgery, and other unknown factors. With an increase in bust size comes demand for correct support. British retail chain Debenhams is answering the call with the help of luxury brand Panache, which makes the Harmony Bra. Debenhams makes a great profit from its range of bra sizes available in D cup and above, so it makes sense that the shop would decide to carry the KK cup Harmony Bra at its Oxford Street location in London. This bra, which has been nicknamed “wind socks” for its 20-inch cups, is available in black, white, and nude for £25 (about $38), which sounds like a steal since bras this size were previously only available through special order. Unfortunately, women in the U.S. who need this size will either have to travel to London or wait till they cross the pond, because all the KK bras are sold out online. [Daily Mail via Impact Lab] Keep reading »

New Fruit Of The Loom Bras Let You Mix & Match Cup Sizes

It’s a sad fact, but breasts aren’t exactly symmetrical. Most of us have nearly matching pairs, but some women have two completely different cup sizes, forcing them to wear a bra to fit the larger breast and accommodate for the smaller breast with padding or a prosthetic. However, Fruit of the Loom and Amazon have come up with an ingenious idea that I can’t believe no one thought of before. Fruit of the Loom is now producing “Pick Your Perfect Pair,” a collection of right cup and left cup bra halves that come in polka dots and standard black and white. Each piece is only $5, and the bra halves clip together in the front and back. This sounds like a godsend for women with slight differences in breast size, like a C and a D. But if one boob is an A and the other is a C, I bet some will still resort to stuffing to make them more equally sized. [Racked] Keep reading »

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