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“What’s Your Nude?” Campaigns For More Brown Bras

Bra Pics Afloat
pippa middleton bra photo
Poor Pippa has pics of herself in a bra floating around the Web. Read More »
Undies Expert: Bras!
Help me find a bra for post-pregnancy boobs! Read More »
An $1,800 Sports Bra
You probably don't need it. Read More »

If you head to the store looking for a nude bra, you’ll see shades of cream, tan, and light pink: in other words, the “nude” options are tailored predominantly to Caucasian skin tones. Tara Raines thinks it’s about time bra makers embraced a more diverse definition of nude, which is why she started the “What’s Your Nude?” campaign, and chose February 1st (the first day of African American History Month) as the official day of action. Want to support the cause? Contact your favorite bra maker and ask for more brown bras. Log on to Facebook and like the “What’s Your Nude” page (facebook.com/morebrownbras). And most importantly, spread the word! As Raines told Women’s Wear Daily: “Women of color deserve to look and feel sexy, and a big part of that is looking like ourselves.” [Madame Noire]

Victoria’s Secret Launches High-End Collection

Victoria's Shady Secret
Is the brand using cotton sourced by child labor? Read More »
Victoria's Secret Launches High-End Collection

Victoria’s Secret may be the biggest mass merchandiser of lingerie, but as anyone who has worn their bras can attest to, their offerings have a tendency to be shoddy at best. Sure, the deals they do on their underwear are nice (3 for $10 is pretty much unbeatable), but VS is undeniably on the lower end of the lingerie spectrum. In fact, they don’t even sell my size, and let me tell you: it’s not that uncommon. Before I knew about the existence of other lingerie stores, when I thought Victoria’s Secret was the place for bras, sales associates squeezed me into ill-advised sizes and styles that had me looking like a child hooker. Take into account December’s revealing expose on the company’s employment of child laborers for their cotton production (while advertising their garments as fair trade, no less), and I wouldn’t be mad if I never set foot in one of those oppressively fragrant stores ever again. It seems to me like the brand must be feeling the heat of competitors, because they’ve just introduced a high-end line called The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection. It will include “European” lace, chiffon, and embroidery on a line of bras, baby dolls, kimonos, $38 underwear, and even a corset, which will run you $298. They sold out quickly after debuting on VictoriasSecret.com yesterday, but the collection will hit 13 stores nationwide in June. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll keep giving my business to Figleaves. [Refinery29]

Ask The Underwear Expert: “Help My Post-Pregnancy Boobs!”

You’ve given birth and now your boobs are just … different. How do you find a bra for post-pregnancy breasts — one that doesn’t smoosh ‘em down, but doesn’t turn ‘em into crazy bullet boobs either. We took it to our resident underwear expert Brianna, and she’s kindly answered our pressing breast questions after the jump. And remember, if you’ve {encode=”julie@thefrisky.com” title=”got a question”} for Brianna, we’ll be happy to send it along! Keep reading »

Infographic: What Your Bra Says About You (On A Date)

Hey ladies! (And some dudes!) In honor of Bra Recycling Month (this is an actual, real thing and not just some creepy internet guy trying to get you to send him your old bras) we’re addressing that age-old question: If you hook up on a date, what can a guy tell about you from your choice in bra?

As it turns out, if you obsess about which over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder to pull from the ol’ bra(wer) drawer, you’re totally justified. We can tell quite a bit about you from the type of breast support you rely on. Keep reading »

Lingerie For Little Girls? Yep, A French Company Went There

Forget about candy-colored bra and panty sets from Target; there’s ickier underwear for little girls afoot. It’s lingerie, to be exact, although the French line Jours Aprés Lunes calls it “loungerie,” because it is for lounging around instead of, uh, looking sexy prior to f**king . Why, praytell, would girls ages four through 12 want to wear lingerie? To look like mommy, of course. This shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as little girls are painting their nails, and getting facials and spray tans just like “big girls” these days. Companies will introduce “new” adult products to little girls any way they can as a way to make more money. Keep reading »

The Dos & Don’ts Of Going Braless

When it’s hot and sticky out, no one wants to wear more than the bare minimum when it comes to clothing and it seems as though the free-flowing braless trend is on the rise this summer. Want to ditch the tight, pinching, underwire contraption that’s ruled your life ever since puberty and let the girls breathe for a day? Just be sure to stick to these tips and you should be just fine. Keep reading »

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