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“Tangled” Voice Actor Makes An Unfortunate Pubic Hair Joke

“It’s a modern day version of Rapunzel. It’s this hot chick that lives in a castle, but oddly enough it’s her pubic hair that she, uh, that she lets out the window. Kind of strange.”

—A word to the wise for Brad Garrett, the “Everybody Loves Raymond” star who does the voice of character Hook Hand Thug in Disney’s new flick, “Tangled.” When one is promoting a Disney movie, it is best not to talk about pubic hair when doing radio interviews. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Friday Quickies!

  • Want to date Brad Garrett? He’s putting together an online series where he goes on blind dates with 10 women? [Tango]
  • Don’t get to worried if your boyfriend is moving in with a girl (who’s not you). [DearSugar]
  • Em & Lo talk to author Jenny Block about her book on open marriage. [Daily Bedpost]
  • Need a cocktail to cool off this weekend? Try a Salty Chihuahua. [College Candy]
  • Collaborative divorce is the wave of the future. [USNews.com]
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    Time Magazine’s Romance Issue

    Time‘s current special section, “The Science of Romance,” is available online, but if you’re too busy getting busy to read it, here are some highlights:

  • If someone calls you a flirt as an insult, just tell them humans are programmed to do it — if they’re not a flirt, their programming must be off.
  • Scent is a big factor when it comes to attraction — and not just Old Spice vs. Envy by Gucci. Being on birth control can throw off our scent-o-meter and mask our ability to detect incompatibility. So, this might mean that you can either prevent pregnancy or find a guy who’s emitting the right chemicals – tough call.
  • Guys may be able to pass traces of testosterone (nature’s aphrodisiac) through their saliva while kissing, which might be why kissing can lead to, well, getting naked.
  • A deep voice has seductive powers, though it doesn’t seem to work on its own because I’m not really into Brad Garrett. [Time]
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