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Jessica Alba Pulls Herself Up By Her Bootstraps—Literally

The good news: We’re kind of digging Jess Alba’s strappy boots. The bad news: They’re Prada and cost a little over a grand. [Los Angeles, 1/20/2010] Keep reading »

The It Boot Of The Season Costs $1295, And It’ll Never Go On Sale

If you haven’t heard of Isabel Marant yet, we wouldn’t blame you. While fashion insiders have been obsessed with her cool boho dresses and French schoolgirl cardigans for years now (when editors trek to Paris for the collections, her shop is a must-stop destination), she’s remained largely unknown in the States and for a very deliberate reason: She has no stores in the U.S., and the few retailers who carry her are forbidden to sell her items online. By limiting the availability of her products, she keeps the kind of customers who care desperately about exclusivity hooked, and it works. In fact, what many consider the “it” shoe of the season are these Otway studded ankle boots, and due to a masterful game of hard-to-get, not only are the $1,295 shoes almost completely sold out, we’ll never see them on any clearance racks. Of course, all of this may be about to change: Not only is Marant opening a boutique in New York in early 2010, come spring the masses can access her on Net-a-Porter.com. Until then, you’re welcome to join the rabid Otway boots maniacs on eBay. [WSJ] Keep reading »

4 Boots In 1 Actually Kind Of A Good Idea

Know those convertible pants that become shorts just by unzipping the bottoms? In theory: good idea. In reality: ugly as hell. So it’s pretty amazing that Michael Kors has managed to take the same principle, stick it on a boot, and make it moderately stylish. Behold his new “Franny” style, which can be zipped up or unzipped to create four different length boots. You can rock the currently trendy thigh-high, and once it goes out of style (which it will), take off a level to get a classic calf-height. For everyday wear, unlatch all and skip around in a simple bootie.

While we’ve seen convertible shoes before, they haven’t offered quite as many options as Mr. Kors’ model. What do you think—would you get a lot of use out of these zipper boots? Or are they not your style? [HighSnobette] Keep reading »

Steal The Best Tips For Leather Boot Care From Hermès

During a recession, when it comes to your closet, taking care of your clothes and expensive items is of the utmost importance. Because when you buy a designer piece, you certainly want it to last as long as possible. While we all may not be lucky enough to own (or even think about affording in our wildest dreams) Hermès boots, The Telegraph just interviewed their bootmakers, and we noticed that the tips they offered for keeping Hermès investment pieces gorge could be handy for extending the life of any leather shoe, no matter what the designer. Check ‘em out after the jump! [Telegraph]

Keep reading »

It’s Jewelry … For Your Boots!

Boots are expensive, so why not get the most out of every pair you own and switch up your look instantly with shoe jewelry! Wha? New York City jewelry designers Erica Chan and Tamar Wider have created a collection of footwear accessories called The 2 Bandits. The newest addition to the rather expansive collection is “Riders,” a line of adjustable leather and chain harnesses worn at the base of any boot—flat boot, bootie, shoetie, heeled boot, etc. And 2 Bandits isn’t just limited to chains; they also have beaded and fabric adornments for boots, including the Native American-inspired “Cherokee,” the boho-inspired “Edie,” the “Moondance,” the “Santa Fe”— the list goes on and on. So, yeah, my plain black riding boots can have a second (and third, and fourth) life. Eh, ya gotta kind of love that. [Cool Hunting]
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Will You Buy Designer FitFlops?

My roommate swears by FitFlops, those fugs sneakers/sandals that give you a workout while you walk, claiming she’s seen changes in her calves and rear. But I’m not convinced and would rather spend more time at the gym than wear those curved clunkers. Though I might be persuaded to try them now, as Anna Sui has designed a pair to look like warm, cozy moccasins, which are just in time for winter and conveniently hide the curvature. The boots, named Shakoha, come in three colors — brown, black, and blue — and are made with double-faced shearling, suede, metal studs, and hand stitching. When there are inches of snow on the ground, who doesn’t want to be bundled in perfect snow boots? What’ya think? [FitFlop]
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Clarks Originals Celebrates Six Decades Of The Desert Boot

The Desert Boot turns 60 this year. To celebrate, Clarks Originals has released six new, unique designs inspired by the 1950s through the 2000s. There are three styles for women and three for men. Each pair of the 60th anniversary Desert Boots, which retail for about $146, comes in a specially designed box. There are souvenirs too — the booklet on Six Decades of Looking Forward to the Past and a replica keychain made from the same materials as the boot. [Clarks]

All this talk about the Desert Boot has made me nostalgic for my Catholic school days because this boot was one of the only shoe designs that could satisfy the strict dress code but also provided style and safety for the female students. After the jump, see how you can sport the Desert Boot today. Keep reading »

Scholl’s Gets A Makeover With New Boot Line

There are two types of people who wear Dr. Scholl’s—old ladies seeking orthopedic comfort and Jessica Simpson. Now the brand is doing something a bit more versatile with a new line of boots. Designed by Diego Dolcini, who has previously worked with Pucci, D&G and Tom Ford, the collection includes classic leather mid- and high-heeled platform boots, riding styles done in rubber, and cute-colored Wellingtons with corduroy patches. Comfy and stylish rain gear? We’re always a fan. Plus, these look a little chicer than, say, a pair of Easy Spirits. [My-Wardrobe.com] Keep reading »

Get Kate Moss’s Boots (For Way Less Than She Paid)

Kate Moss was spotted leaving the John Frieda salon in London today, but it’s not her hair that caused us to look twice. (Um, definitely not the ‘do; perhaps she just got a conditioning treatment?) Maybe only a supermodel can get away with pairing black denim hot pants with tights, a leo underneath a blazer, and a rockin’ python bag all at the same time, but knee-high, slouchy brown boots are accessories that look good on everyone. We were trying to think of which high-end designer made these when we remembered our recent over-the-knee boot gallery and realized that, save for a slight color discrepancy, Kate’s boots were kind of spot-on knocked off at, wait for it … Victoria’s Secret. With the huge demand for mega-high leather boots growing by the increasingly cooler-out day, we’d advise you to click over there and snap up the Devon boot ASAP. Because the majority of other options out there cost as much as, well, as much as Kate Moss’s actual boots probably did. Keep reading »

Two Boots For The Price Of One

If you’re like me, you’re probably super excited about the fall weather and on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots to wear with skirts and dresses (and pants too, I suppose). While I haven’t found my perfect boots yet, I did find this interesting pair by Colin Stuart at Victoria’s Secret. Booties and zippers are both hot trends this season, and these combine both of those elements, along with the option to wear them as taller boots that can also be slouched down. They’re perfect for girls who spend lots of nights at their boyfriends’ and don’t care to lug around multiple pairs of shoes — or spies who frequently change disguises. [Victoria's Secret] Keep reading »

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