Your Bookshelf Never Sounded Better

Keep your books in place with these recycled records. Give a pair of these custom-made vintage vinyl bookends a spin and lend old-skool charm to any room. Just because you can’t listen to your favorite records anymore doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with them. … More »

Like A Book On A Wire

Your best books deserve a peaceful place to perch. Nest your classics between these resting finch bookends with a lovely antiqued bronze finish. Sit back, relax, and fly away to your favorite fictional worlds. … More »

A Skyline To Keep Your Bookshelf In Order

The recent attempted car bombing in New York City might have you wary of visiting the Big Apple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the skyline from afar. The miniature Empire State Building and Chrysler Building will keep your bookshelf organized and show your love for a city full of beautiful architecture. And for… More »