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Bodycology Cupcake Lotion Will Leave You Smelling Good Enough To Eat

OK, so, I’m not going to lie. Yesterday, I was shopping at Wal-Mart. Sometimes, that’s how I roll. Mostly, I go there to stock up on toiletries. You know, self-tanner, so I can look more like Snooki. Stuff like that. In any case, I was pushing my cart down the lotion aisle, cruising the Bodycology products. They may not be the best performing, low-budget lotions — Cetaphil is probably a better choice if you’re looking for something that, you know, actually works — but I like to get the Bodycology lotions, too, because they smell good, and you can put them on over or with a lotion that works well. In any case, I was checking out the usual Bodycology scented lotions — White Gardenia, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Raspberries & Cream — when one I’d never seen before caught my eye. Vanilla Cupcake! Yes, you, too, can smell like a cupcake. I didn’t want to get all heartbroken, so I prepared myself for the fact that it might not actually smell like cupcakes, but I popped the lid and sniffed, and, seriously, if I could eat this stuff, I would. It smells exactly like cupcakes. So good.

But here’s the weird thing. When I started Googling the product this morning, to tell you all about it, I can’t find it anywhere. Not on any website or blog. It’s like I hallucinated the whole thing — except I have it in my hand. It even has a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles on the label. Anyway, if you know where to find this product online, feel free to tell the world where to find it in the comments. Keep reading »

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