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Hilarious New Blog: Awkward Stock Photos

Random people + strange settings + no photo credits = stock photos. In case you need a good laugh today, you might want to consider the inane nature of stock photos in a fun new blog, Awkward Stock Photos. Sure, we often scroll through said stock photos, paying them no mind as we surf our favorite websites, but if you slow down and actually look … WTF? Why is a woman in a nurse’s uniform listening to a tree with a stethoscope? And who agreed to let their kid pose with a giant batch of french fries in his mouth while holding a gun to his head? And is this woman really depressed because cheeseburgers have ruined her life? After the jump, some more of the most awkward stock photos ever. Keep reading »

An Appletini? OK, We’ll Take It

Some random blogger decided to equate the sites they liked/disliked/used over the last year with various types of food and drink. Apparently, The Frisky is like an appletini. I am cool with that analogy, because at least there is booze involved. Click here to see the full list. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Awesome New Blog: Nobody Likes You

If your New Year’s resolution is something like, “Make more friends,” or “Stop getting beat up at parties,” or if you’re just looking for a diplomatic way to tell someone in your life that you just don’t like them, you need to check out this new blog, Nobody Likes You. I mean how many times have you run for the hills when you met what they’ve dubbed an “Overly Compensating Guy” at a party—you know, the one who tells you he did 24 shots and wrestled the bear that ate Chuck Norris. I’m the first to admit that I’ve been driven to near insanity by a sniffling co-worker who refuses to blow their godforsaken nose. And in case you were wondering if your audible public smooching that can be heard two library aisles away is making you unpopular, yes … it is. Whether you are an offender or just know one, this genius collection of things that drive people crazy is bound to make the world a better place for all. [Nobody Likes You] Keep reading »

Hot Blog Alert: Third And Delaware Chronicles The Best Of “Roseanne” Fashion

Who woulda thunk “Roseanne,” that off-beat sitcom about a working class family fronted by the crass Roseanne and eternally plumber-cracked John Goodman, could provide such awesome fashion fodder? A rad new blog called Third And Delaware (the cross streets for the Conner family home) chronicles all the awesomely ’80s and ’90s sartorial moments from one of my favorite TV shows ever. Dan’s plaid! DJ’s colorful hoodies! Becky’s scrunchies and undercut bob! Roseanne’s OK Corral shirt and funky hair accessories! Nancy’s slut gear! Crystal’s suburban mom chic! And, of course, Darlene oh-so-on-trend grunge stylings. Screen shots are accompanied by hilarious commentary, like:

Just a hot second ago Becky was sporting the messy boy hair, and now all of a sudden she’s got an unbelievably amazing UNDERCUT? … It seems Becky spent her summer holiday growing out her choppy locks only to shave half of them off again. With this hairstyle she gets the look of a bowl cut without the hassle of having to brush all of that hair! Her neck is free to breathe, and she can pop her collar without fear of disturbing her incredible coif.

Let’s hope this site doesn’t spawn an undercut comeback. [Third And Delaware] Keep reading »

Check This Out: “Clients From Hell” Blog

Attention design nerds! Here’s a new blog that will have you laughing your fonts off. Clients From Hell features anonymous stories about the incompetent people and projects graphic designers have dealt with. The vignettes deal with anything from stupid misunderstandings — “After I sent a client a mockup with lorem ipsum as filler text [they responded] ‘It’s good but there is a weird language on the page. It will either need to be translated or removed.’” — to clients who fancy themselves better designers than you: “Hi, I was having a word with my nephew last night, who’s a bit of a web designer himself and I have a few new ideas for the site…”

It’s a Helvetica good time. [Clients From Hell Tumblr] Keep reading »

New Blog We Love: Models Are Smart

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “America’s Next Top Model,” you might be under the impression that most models—while nice to look at—are actually pretty vapid. Wrong! Bloggette Erin Gibson doesn’t want you to get it twisted anymore. She has set out to prove that these anatomically superior ladies and gentlemen, who probably owe their perfect faces and bodies to some sort of hermaphroditic hormonal imbalance, are actually hella smart. Her new blog, Models Are Smart, reveals all of the deep thoughts that models are thinking while they are “smeyesing” and contorting their superfine bodies into fierce poses. After the jump, you won’t believe what these models know. Looks like I can learn a thing or two from them. [Models Are Smart] Keep reading »

I’m Afraid My Girlfriend Is Going To Eat Me

Yahoo! Answers gets such an amazing array of totally ridonkulous questions that an entire blog has been set up to collect the best ones. The question above is my new personal favorite. This guy’s girlfriend loves him so, so, so much she literally wants to eat him. Well, drink him, as a milkshake. What should he do?! [Tumblr: Yahoo Answers via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

New Blog, 50 JDates, Kicks A Romance Novel’s Butt

Here’s the plot of my new favorite blog, 50 JDates: A 26-year old Jewish girl is in love with her boyfriend, who’s a goy (aka, not a Jew). The two lovebirds are considering marriage, but because her family is super religious and it’s important to them that she marries a Jewish man, she asks her boyfriend to convert. He says, “No.” Now she is torn—her mother doesn’t want the marriage to happen, and she’s not sure what to think. So how does she deal? She does something that I can only describe as my worst nightmare—she joins JDate, a Jews-only online dating site and pledges to go on 50 dates, writing about each and every one. At the end of the 50 dates, she’ll decide if she can accept her non-Jewish man, refuse her family’s wishes, and get engaged. Or who knows, maybe her beshert will come along. I can’t say I’d have the chutzpah to take on such a daunting task—but this girl is doing it with an open heart and an open mind. L’chaim, lady!

P.S. Don’t tell my mother about this social experiment. I don’t want her to get any crazy ideas. Keep reading »

Not One, But Two Offbeat Style Photoblogs We’re Loving

Give the standard glossy fashion blogs overrun with pretty girls and designer bags a break for the day and dedicate yourself instead to old-school-style flashbacks and new-school sartorial irony. We’ve tripped over a couple oddball (but way interesting) blogs to help you on your quest for the strange.
Keep reading »

Awesome Blog: The Hottest Heads Of State

I almost felt like I was cruising an online dating site the first time I scrolled through the photos of all the powerful foxes on the new blog Hottest Heads of State. As the name implies, it features 172 of the best-looking men and women ruling the world. Power and good looks are a deadly combination; it was like setting my profile filter to: “I am a woman looking for men, hot, powerful, and international.” So skipping Barack Obama (#15!), check out the top five heads of state I wouldn’t mind dating. Keep reading »

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