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The Black Keys Are Sponsoring A Little League Baseball Team

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the black keys are sponsoring a baseball team

The Black Keys are probs best known for being the cool dude band who won three Grammys at the 2013 Grammy Awards, effectively stealing the thunder from Justin Bieber. Since then, the bespeckled and be-bearded have gone on to piss off Van Halen fans and Justin Bieber’s Beliebers. Because I am an old person and an indie rock snob, the only song of theirs I like is “Hippie Hippie Hoorah.” I’m not really a fan.

For all their spirited anti-Justin Bieber proselytizing, it turns out the Keys really do love the kids. Which is why they’ve decided to sponsor a Little League baseball team in West Akron, Ohio. Drummer Patrick Carney grew up with the team’s coach Steve Milkovich, and both he and Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach played in the league as kids. The band shelled out the team’s $300 sponsorship fee, which is I guess the equivalent of 30 digital downloads of El Camino or something.

“They’ve asked for nothing,” said league president Mike Dies. “They just did it and didn’t ask for any publicity or anything. It’s good for them because they did a good thing for us.”

Check out a video of the adorable Little Leaguers, decked in their Black Keys gear, after the jump. [Masslive] Keep reading »

Vampire Weekend And The Black Keys Have A Sell-Out-Off

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On last night’s “Colbert Report,” Stephen invited Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend on to figure out who should win this year’s Grammy for best alternative album. To settle the score, Colbert challenged the two bands to a “sell-out-off.” While the Keys have a Victoria’s Secret and Zales commercial under their belt, Vampire Weekend boasts commercials for Honda and Tommy Hilfiger. As Colbert notes, “Clearly, you have both equally whored out your music.” So true! [Comedy Central] Keep reading »

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