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Why Minority Male Oppression Is A Feminist Issue

I am at odds with feminism and my conflict is a "race issue." For White women, defining oneself as feminist is pretty simple. The need to advance a female political agenda -- while dismissing male oppression -- makes sense in a world where White men maintain the highest position and power. I understand that. However,…
By: Tiffanie Drayton / November 25, 2014

You Can Take A Class On Beyoncé At Rutgers University

College, man. You can study just about anything. I know I did. When I was in grad school I wrote papers on 1) black and white cop buddy movies, 2) riot grrl and 3) drag queens on film. Like, really. So there's that. And now, over at Rutgers University in New Jersey, you can take…
By: Julie Gerstein / January 27, 2012