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Meet Skateboarder Tom Scharr, The Coolest 12-Year-Old Ever

This 12-Year-Old Is Cooler Than You
Meet Brock McRock
The air guitar championship hopeful makes his way from Texas to LA. Read More »

When I was 12, I was writing “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fanfic, crushing on the guy at my local videostore, and wondering when my boobs would start fitting my training bra. Tom Schaar, on the other hand, is a 12-year-old pro skateboarder who’s pulled off the first-ever 1080 trick. In the Bing video above, Schaar talks skating and smokes Damian Fahey in a go-kart race. Feeling like a slacker yet? [Bing]

Brock McRock Shreds His Heart Out In The Air Guitar Regional Championships

Watch Air Guitar God Brock McRock Rock Out!
Dog Surfing!
Watch lil' Abbie Girl hang 10! Read More »

During my freshman year of college at the University of California Santa Cruz, I lived on campus. My dorm surrounded a beautiful open quad, with the picturesque ocean visible from my fourth floor window. But on weekend mornings, there was something else that caught my attention. The sound of Slayer or Metallica or some other metal band blasting while a long-haired fellow named Joe — a guy in his 30s who finally got the opportunity to go to college after being homeless in his 20s — played air guitar for an audience of no one. At the time, I thought he was crazy. But now I realize he was a genius before his time and I sure hope he one day competes in the Air Guitar Regional Championship in Los Angeles, because honestly? Dude would give Brock McRock, a rising star on the air guitar scene, a run for his money. Watch Brock shred his way from his home in Texas to the Troubador stage in Los Angeles in the video from Bing above! [US Air Guitar]

Abbie Girl Hangs Ten, Wins The 2012 Dog Surfing Competition

Watch Abbie Girl Hang Ten!

Gooooood morning! Let’s kick this Monday off right with something universally adorable and awesome — dogs surfing! In this video from Bing, we meet Abbie Girl, the winner of the 2012 Dog Surfing competition and watch, through her eyes, as she rides her way to victory. Now that’s bitchin’. [Bing]

Director Aurora Guerrero Discusses The Making Of “Mosquita Y Mari”

Watch Video

Did you feel a little “meh” on the movies — and the all-male directors — nominated for Oscars this year? Check out this video from Bing about rising film director Aurora Guerrero — in it, she discusses the making of her first feature, “Mosquita y Mari.” Let’s hope she livens up the Academy Awards in years to come…

Bing’s Got Wiz Khalifa!

Watch Video

Fresh off his double nomination at the Grammy Awards, Wiz Khalifa stars in this cool new video from Bing. Check out his inspiring musical journey…

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