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Hannibal Buress Brings Attention To Rape Allegations Against Bill Cosby

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  • Hannibal Buress called out the oft-buried rape allegations against Bill Cosby during one of his comedy sets. [The Daily Beast]
  • Trans* troops in other militaries are proof that inclusive militaries can work. [Huffington Post]
  • Read this review of Who We Be, writer Jeff Chang’s look at the war on multiculturalism. [Racialicious]
  • Comedian Leslie Jones has joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” which means the show officially has a whopping two Black women. [Deadline] Keep reading »

Bill Cosby Does A Little Jig On “Letterman,” All Is Right With The World

Naomi On "Cosby"
Naomi Campbell appeared on "The Cosby Show" when she was 18. Watch »
Cosby Sweaters!
Bill needs your help to choose his best sweater of all time. Read More »
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I love me some Bill Cosby. As a child I used to actively wish he was my dad, which really pissed off my real dad. Sorry about that, real dad! Anyway, Bill is so funny, and I just love his face. And his voice. And, like, everything about him. Yeah, if you asked me what my favorite thing about Bill Cosby is, I would probably say everything. Bill went on “The Late Show With David Letterman” last night and did some jokes and some talking, and even a little bit of dancing. Dancing! Watch this, and try not to wish he was your dad. It’s gonna be tough. [NYMag.com]

Bill Cosby Needs Your Help Deciding His Best Sweater Of All Time

Bill Cosby Gets Flashed!
Our fave TV dad got flashed by a lady with a mustache in NYC. Read More »

You guys, Bill Cosby has a very important question, and when Bill Cosby has a question, it is in your best interest to give Bill Cosby an answer. So let me relay it to you: Mr. Cosby, and/or whoever represents Mr. Cosby on this here Internet, tweeted, “Over the years, I have worn many sweaters. Tell me which is your favorite.” Well now! I could pick 50 favorites, just off the top of my head (holler at my major high school depressive episode where I laid on the couch in a bathrobe watching reruns for two years straight!), but to make things a little easier on those of you not as well-versed in the subtleties of the Huxtable family wardrobe, Bill has attached a very cool poll on his website with photos of himself (as Cliff Huxtable, natch) sporting an array of sweaters. I will have you know that the 24 options currently presented are just round 1 — eventually, of all the Cosby sweaters Bill Cosby has worn, one sole sweater will emerge victorious, and I think you definitely want to make sure that it’s your favorite sweater. [Gothamist, photo via Cosby Sweaters]

Bill Cosby Flashed By Woman With A Mustache In New York City

Sometimes a headline and a photo says everything you need to know. If you must know the details about the hows and whys of this incident, The Village Voice has the scoop. [Village Voice]

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