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Ian Ziering Dishes On “Sharknado 2,” Talks About Being “Daddy Of The Year” & Plays “90210″-Themed “Would You Rather?”

...Do Drugs With Emily Valentine Or David Silver?
Acting With Ian Ziering
Dreams Do Come True: Ian Ziering & I Acted Out A Classic Scene From "Beverly Hills, 90210" And I Totally Died Inside
Amelia reenacted a classic "90210" scene with Steve Sanders himself! Read More »

When my boo Ian Ziering comes by The Frisky offices, I make the most of my time with him. That means in addition to coercing Ian into acting out a classic scene from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” I also made him play a little game of Nine-Oh-themed “Would You Rather?” This is probably the first time in a while that Ian has heard the name “Emily Valentine.” Afterwards, Ian and I chatted about what’s ahead for the hotly anticipated sequel to his sleeper hit “Sharknado” and discussed his work with DaddyScrubs.com as their “Daddy of the Year.” Can I just say that Ian is hands down the kindest, coolest, most genuine celeb I have ever had the privilege of spending quality time with? Platonic soulmate status.  Keep reading »

Dreams Do Come True: Ian Ziering & I Acted Out A Classic Scene From “Beverly Hills, 90210″ And I Totally Died Inside

Dreams Do Come True: Ian Ziering & I Acted Out A Classic Scene From "Beverly Hills, 90210" And I Totally Died Inside
"They decided to adopt a child. They adopted me..."
Ian Gets A Lap Dance
Watch Amelia Give Ian Ziering A Lap Dance
Watch Amelia give her all to Ian Ziering. Read More »

If you had told me, say, 15 years ago, that I would one day meet Ian Ziering, the actor who played Steve Sanders on one of my most favorite TV shows, “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and give him a brief lap dance, I would have said you were dreaming. And if you told me that I would meet him for a second time and that we would act out one of the most pivotal scenes for Steve’s character, I would have officially concluded you were crazy. But guess what? YOU’RE NOT CRAZY BECAUSE IAN ZIERING AND I TOTALLY ACTED OUT THE SCENE BETWEEN BRANDON AND STEVE AT THE SPRING DANCE, WHERE STEVE IS DRUNK AND TELLS BRANDON HE WAS ADOPTED. And a camera was there! And you can watch it above! And it was the best day ever! Eat you heart out, Jason Priestley. (And thank you, Ian, for being you. Because you are awesome.) [YouTube]

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How Well Does Ian Ziering Know “Beverly Hills, 90210″‘s Steve Sanders?

How Well Does Ian Ziering Know "Beverly Hills, 90210"'s Steve Sanders?
Can Ian Name 4 Of Steve's Serious Girlfriends? Find Out!
Lap Dance Time!
Watch Amelia Give Ian Ziering A Lap Dance
When Ian Ziering asks for a lap dance, you don't say no. Read More »

Last week, which will forever be remembered as the best week of my “90210″-loving life, Ian Ziering came by The Frisky offices, begged me for a lap dance, and then submitted himself to my “How Well Does Steve Sanders Know Steve Sanders?” quiz. The current Chippendales hunk was totally game to let me test his knowledge of his infamous character — which, no big deal, I wrote from memory — and, despite the many years it’s been since he filmed the show, he did pretty damn good. Off camera, he tested my knowledge as well. I got most of his questions right (um, who doesn’t know that the name of Brandon’s first car was Mondale?), but he managed to stump me with: “What was the name of Dylan and Toni’s cat?” (Trouble, sigh. Should have known that one!) Watch Ian take my quiz and tell us how well you did in the comments!

Watch Amelia Give “Beverly Hills, 90210″ Star & Chippendales Stud Ian Ziering A Lap Dance

Watch Amelia Give Ian Ziering A Lap Dance
"She's got skills!"
Ian's A Chippendales Hunk!
Ian Ziering On The Red Carpet At Chippendales
And his Blue Steel is ON POINT. Read More »

When Ian Ziering, aka Steve Sanders from “Beverly Hills, 90210,” asks, nay, orders you to give him a lap dance, you don’t say no. In fact, if you’re me, you don’t even hesitate and just hop down off your chair and back dat ass straight into the current guest Chippendales dancer‘s lap. Ziering stopped by The Frisky and Celebuzz offices to talk about his experience with the all-male revue in Las Vegas and I lept at the chance to interview my favorite KEG man. You guys, Ian is looking gooooooooood. And despite my “skills,” Ian only has eyes for his lovely wife Erin, who just gave birth to their second child. Over at Celebuzz, Ian explains how going shirtless and donning a bow tie for Chippendales has spiced up his already solid marriage. Check out that and the rest of my interview with Ian here!

And coming up later this week, I, a Nine-Oh superfan, give Ian my “How Well Does Steve Sanders KNOW Steve Sanders?” quiz. Until then, I’ll just be sitting here, basking in the afterglow of having had my ass smacked by a ’90s TV legend. Ian, you hold the legacy key to my heart.

Ian Ziering Does His Best Blue Steel For Chippendale’s

Ian Ziering On The Red Carpet At Chippendales

I watch “Beverly Hills, 90210″ almost every day and have seen every episode at least two dozen times, and thus I feel like I am kind of an expert on Steve Sanders’ face. I mean, Ian Ziering’s face. So when I saw this photo of Ian promoting his run with Chippendale’s, I was like, “Someone call Janet Sosna for confirmation because I do not believe that’s her husband’s face!” Steve, I mean, Ian, has such refined and high cheekbones now and instead of the family flirty twinkle in his eye, he’s giving serious Blue Steel. But that nipple? That nipple has clearly spent many a summer playing volleyball at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Phew. No confirmation needed after all. [Photo (left): Pacific Coast News]

“Beverly Hills 90210″ Star Ian Ziering Joins Chippendales

High-End Stripper
She worked as a high-end stripper. Here's her story. Read More »
Celebrity Poledancers
Emma Watson learned how for her role in "The Bling Ring." Read More »
  • Ian Ziering from “Beverly Hills 90210″ is joining Chippendales for a four-week stint in Las Vegas. STEVE! Flashback to 1997 and I would have been thrilled. [US Weekly]
  • Alcoholism was supposedly behind Jason Segel and Michelle Williams’ split. [RadarOnline]
  • Miranda Kerr is leaving Victoria’s Secret after all. But it wasn’t because she was fired — she quit. [Celebitchy]
  • Roughly 50 people walked out of a comedy show by “3o Rock” star Tracy Morgan in Australia over “offensive material about women and graphic sexual references.” [News.com.au]
  • Sharon Osbourne has reportedly moved into her own place away from husband Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy confirmed they are not divorcing, but he did relapse on drugs. [Mirror UK, US Weekly]

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