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Transgender Model Lea T Speaks! (And Seems Totally Awesome)

Lea T On Gender
lea t photo
Transexual model Lea T explains her gender expression. Read More »
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Straight Guy, Trans Rights
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"It's too complicated to keep a secret"

Brazilian/Italian model Lea T. made waves in 2010 when she revealed that she was transgender. And for the first time, thanks to this Benetton video, we’re finally hearing her speak about it. “I say everything about myself, it’s too complicated to keep a secret,” says Lea. We agree, and we’re super stoked that Lea seems like such a rad person. Of leaning too heavily on others for inspiration, she says, “When you get inspired by someone … you lose a little bit of your personality … I try to be myself.” The video is part of Benetton’s “Faces of Color,” which focuses on unique personalities and looks from around the world. Others featured in the campaign include Isabella Rosselini’s daughter Elettra Wiedemann and model Alex Wek. [YouTube]

Does Benetton’s New Campaign Totally Miss the Mark?

Forever 21's bad math
The retail giant pulls "I'm Too Pretty to Do Math" shirt. Read More »
Topless AA Ad
topless American Apparel ad
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ASPCA Ads Make Me Cry
Nothing makes me tear up like this new ad. Read More »

United Colors of Benetton made a name for itself in the ’80s and ’90s for provocative, envelope-pushing advertising that urged consumers to question their cultural assumptions and values. But that was nearly 20 years ago, and since then, Benetton has struggled to find its foothold. For their newest campaign, they collaborated with “research communication center” Fabrica on the UNHATE project, a campaign that’s designed to “combat a culture of hatred.”

Well, okay. But I’m not quite sure that showing world leaders kissing one another is the best way to address this. Howevs, I suppose it does send the message that opposing sides — South Korea and North Korea, Israel and Palestine, the U.S. and Venezuela — can get along long enough to share one lousy peck on the lips. How this is going to help sell more black cardigans, I don’t know, but good luck with that, Benetton. [Unhate]

Benetton’s Having A Model Contest!

Finally, a chance for normal people to represent: United Colors of Benetton is holding a global casting competition for its spring campaign, and they’re looking for non-models to do the job. All you have to do is build your profile by uploading your best pics–at least one close-up and one full-length–and explain a little bit about why you’re awesome. (That should be the easy part.) Then, browse the community to vote for other interesting faces. One-hundred finalists will go to New York to be whittled down to 20 by a group of judges. So, what are they looking for? “Something different, something unconventional, something surprising, something real. It’s not just how you look but how you are.” Which means you probably fit in there somehow, right? Submit your entry by March 16. [Casting.Benetton.com] Keep reading »

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