6 ways to make your hair less greasy, because it looks gross right now and you know it

Everyone has had that moment when they’re like, “Oh, my hair looks like I poured a jug of peanut oil on it even though I swear I did not do that ever in life.” So how do you make your hair less greasy (because it looks gross right now and you know it)? Here are a fewMore »

How to use apple cider vinegar on your face without feeling like a human salad

If you’ve ever read any interviews with fancy actresses who swear they use apple cider vinegar on their face, you might be wondering how do you use it without feeling like a human salad. Well then, here are some ways to do it that, while also aiming to keep your face from freaking out.More »

5 natural ways to whiten teeth at home because leaving your house is for suckers

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and realized your teeth more closely resembled old gum on the ground than the white teeth we’re all supposed to marvel at and envy, you’ve probably tried some weird ways to get them whiter. So here’s how to you whiten your teeth in a natural(ish) way at home.More »

6 natural ways to treat acne, because the harsher stuff is making your skin angry

For some people, using the generally recommended products for acne works like a dream. But for others, they just make it worse. So how do you treat acne in a natural way without going to the drug store and buying what it seems like works for literally everyone else? Here are a few ideas.More »

Does toothpaste help acne? Here’s everything you and your zits need to know

If you’ve ever sat staring at a pimple and thought to yourself, “When I was a kid, wasn’t toothpaste a thing you could put on pimples to make them go away like immediately? I feel like it was a thing,” you’ve probably also Googled it for yourself and found a lot of conflicting information.More »

This girl painfully peeling off a charcoal mask proves sometimes beauty is pain

No pain, no gain. More »

This Combination Hair Brush/Hair Straightener Is Everything You Need To Make Your Morning Suck Less

When I heard about Luma Brush, which combines a brush and a hair straightener into one gadget that looks pretty dope, I was like, “Oh, yes that makes sense and is genius.” More »

5 Perfect Beauty Products That You Won’t Sweat Off In This Stupid Heat

If the first thing you do when you get into work is grab paper towels and a mirror to see if all your make-up has turned you into a monster, this is for you.  More »

This Is What It’s Like To Get A Spray Tan When You’ve Been Happily Pale Forever

My whole life I’d always just accepted that I would never look Beachy And Sunkissed and I told myself I didn’t care because I didn’t. But there’s still that part of a lot of women that wants to know how the other half lives. More »

This KFC Edible Nail Polish Tastes Like Fried Chicken, & It’s The “Finger Lickin’ Good” Edible Nail Polish No One Wanted

Welcome to Trump’s America, y’all. More »

How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Face: 6 Brilliant Ways You Need To Know

This is going to be our year, you guys. We’re going to work coconut oil into our goddamn beauty routine if it kills me. And by “it” I mean the four tubs of Trader Joe’s oil precariously stacked in my pantry. Let’s start where it really matters —with how to use coconut oil on your face. Smooth legs are great, but… More »

6 Ways To Make Your Hair Less Greasy, Ya Filthy Animal

You could wash your hair every day, or you could live your damn life. The good news is messy buns and the return of the “fashion hoodie” mean greasy hair isn’t always something to worry about. The great news is there are plenty of ways to make hair less greasy if you’re so inclined. Step away from the shower, keep… More »

5 Ways To Treat Acne When Your Skin Is Completely Over It

There are two things wrong with my face. One, my right eye is bigger than my left. Two, I’m constantly dealing with scars from the cystic acne that I can’t ward off with an army of lotions, potions, and crystals. The age-old question — how to get rid of acne? — is one I’ve been asking in front of… More »

5 Ways To Contour Every Part Of Your Body, Because You Are Empowered To Hate All Of Yourself

Grab your Beauty Blender and get ready to contour the shit out of your armpits!! More »

Area Teen Gets Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Tattooed On His Arm

Who do you love most in this world and how do you show them? For 18-year-old Johnny Cyrus, it’s Kylie Jenner. And, it better stay Kylie Jenner, because he now has her infamous lip kit tattooed down his arm.

If you follow Kylie on Snapchat, you know she’s constantly displaying color swatches from… More »

Getting Adele’s Perfectly Winged Eye Liner Is Hell, Basically

LOL, TWO eyeliners?! More »

6 Beer-Related Activities That Won’t Leave You Hungover

Happy National Beer Day! More »

A Woman Has Lost An Eye To Glitter

“So it’s been a year since I lost my eye to glitter,” reads the worst sentence in the English language. More »

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