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Trend Alert! Little Boys Like To Get Primped Too

Girls are taking on beauty rituals at a younger and younger ages. I had my first manicure when I was in the fifth or sixth grade as a reward for doing well in school, but I didn’t experience a salon pedicure until the day before my high school senior prom. Mani/pedis, however, are tame compared to what these 5-year-old and preteen girls get into when they frequent spas that cater to the 0 to 12 set. These girls get expensive facials, hair cuts, highlights, and even laser hair removal, which is the most common cosmetic procedure for teens. It’s no surprise that girls are worrying about their appearance at young ages, but little boys are starting to care just as much. Keep reading »

Plucking, Dyeing & Unclogging: Beauty Rituals You Hide From Your Man

You know how it goes: at first you’re mortified to fart around your man and nine months later you guys are chatting it up while you’re on the toilet and he’s in the shower.

But there’s one area of our lives that most women WON’T share with even their hubbies — and that’s our embarrassing beauty rituals that occur behind a locked bathroom door. Are we afraid our boo wouldn’t think we’re sexy if he knew Mother Nature intended us to have a tiny little Steve Buscemi ‘stache? Or is it not the object-of-the-beauty-ritual we are ashamed of, but rather, the act of intimate-parts primping in front of a lover? Keep reading »

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