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Do Mousse Beauty Products Weird You Out?

Is it just us, or are mousse beauty products just a bit nasty? We were browsing Urban Outfitters’ new online beauty shop when we found DuWop’s Lipmousse, which is described as a “cross between a gloss and a lipstick” in which a “hydro-attracting powdered silicone absorbs water and swells, creating a mousse-like look and feel.” We just imagined sticking our lips in a bowl of shaving cream. Shudder. There are tons of other mousse products out there, a popular one being Maybelline’s foundation and eyeshadow. St. Tropez also makes a mousse bronzer.

Are you into mousse-like beauty products? Or should the texture be reserved for hair products and chocolate desserts?

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Beauty Test Drive: NARS Multiple Tint

Don’t let the bright pink color fool you, NARS’ new Multiple Tint makeup stick isn’t trying to leave you looking like a hooker after a rough night. In fact, unless you entirely over-swipe, the pretty burst of pink is so subtle that we dare anyone to even realize that it’s not just your natural glow. Use it on cheeks and lips for a look that says, “It’s summer, so I’m not trying to hard; I’m just super attractive. So suck it.” If you’re anything like us, that sort of look will sound appealing to you. [$38, NARS, Sephora] Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: L’Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer

I have extremely oily skin that is a curse (I’m always shiny) and a blessing (I won’t wrinkle easily). So for years, I’ve ignored the advice of my dermatologist and beauty professionals who said I should moisturize despite my skin type. Until recently, I hadn’t found a moisturizer that wouldn’t contribute to the oil slick and cause breakouts. I happened upon the L’Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer by chance; someone left it on The Frisky “free table,” an area for discarded books [Anyone want some erotica? -- Editor Amelia] and unused cosmetics. It was kind of fate that the little pink box caught my eye because my skin has been looking a little blotchy lately. After about three weeks of use, it’s helping to even out my skin tone. Keep reading »

The Weirdest New Beauty Treatment Ingredients

Since the beginning of time, people have been slathering themselves in all sorts of bizarre substances in the hopes of becoming more beautiful.

Modern technology has exposed a lot of these concoctions to be worthless (or, in the case of Elizabethan-era women using lead paint to lighten their skin, very harmful) and also given us less disgusting alternatives (like synthetic dyes replacing bat poop in mascara).

And yet, the weirdness continues.

Here are some odd ingredients used in beauty products and treatments today. Read more Keep reading »

How To Organize Your Gross Old Beauty Products

Nothing will cause you to reevaluate your beauty product stash more than attempting to organize the usually prodigious, crummy mess. Even the most meticulous chick will admit to hiding a hot mess of broken eye shadows, four-year-old hot pink lipsticks and almost empty hairspray somewhere under her cupboard. Once you make the decision to get it together down there, you will see that you should make a new commitment to minimalism, and never again will you buy a sixth lip gloss willy-nilly. Well, for a few weeks anyway. After the jump, a few tips for getting it together. Keep reading »

The Frisky’s Style Unboxed: Talika’s “Beauty Of Your Eyes” Kit

Erin, The Frisky’s style editor, gets sent a lot of new beauty products in the mail to test and review, but sometimes the most exciting part is opening the goods and finding out what’s inside. When we found out that there’s a whole genre of internet videos in which tech geeks film themselves unboxing the latest gadgets (check out how it’s done at Engadget and Gizmodo), we realized women might be psyched about seeing us unbox the products we get sent in the mail. So, check out the first installment in this new Frisky video feature, “Style Unboxed,” in which Erin pops by my apartment to unbox Talika’s “Beauty of Your Eyes” kit. There’s an eye mask involved! Keep reading »

Lip Plumping Action For Your Cheeks?

Have you ever used lip plumpers? They’re those lip glosses that are basically like collagen injections in a bottle—they have some weird potion in them that makes your lips feel like they’re warm and tingling/itching. It’s a bizarre sensation to endure, but if you can, these products promise that your pucker will indeed appear more plump. Now some of these companies are using the same technology and applying it to blush and cheek products — so you can get that just-Botoxed look, we assume? DuWop, one of the original brands to come on the scene with its spicy Lip Venom, now has a rouge called Cheek Venom, which uses the same blend of essential oils you find in its plumping gloss “to warm the cheeks while bathing the senses in the lightest hint of scent. This process creates a natural flush by stimulating circulation.” Too bad we’re just finding out about this as winter’s over. Are your cheeks something you want to plump up? Or is this an area you prefer to de-emphasize? Or maybe you just think this whole thing is kind of stupid? [$24, Sephora via Nylonmag.com] Keep reading »

How Long Could You Last Without Beauty Products?

You probably take for granted just how many beauty products you benefit from each day (look in your bathroom cabinet to prove it). So what would happen if you all of a sudden cut yourself off, cold turkey? That’s what one woman did in a 30-day challenge where she allowed herself to use only soap and sunscreen. She did get around some problematic areas by looking to certain foods as substitutes, finding that cornstarch can act like a dry shampoo and olive oil is basically a wonder product for dry skin and lips, as well as hair. Another interesting finding—exfoliating both your armpits and body can decrease your body odor (makes sense when you think about all the dirt that inevitably sits on the top layer of your skin). But, there were emotional and physical drawbacks. Some highlights after the jump and her final judgment. [Today Show/MSNBC] Keep reading »

And The Prize Goes To … The Best Story About Wearing Red Lipstick

Last week, we asked you to tell us about your first time wearing red lipstick in exchange for some Jemma Kidd cosmetics from Market for Drama. And, unsurprisingly, many of you made it into an older relative’s makeup bag when you were young, and the results were hilarious, defiant, and heartwarming. But, astrolatry won for her story that brought tears to our eyes … Keep reading »

The One Beauty Product That Can Really Eff Up Your Skin

This morning I came upon a rather alarming piece of information: My favorite skincare product (and yours, judging from the crazy sales of that St. Ives apricot drugstore staple) could be responsible for making our complexions worse, not better. According to Marc Edward, a top facialist in L.A., facial scrubs “break your skin out more and break capillaries and spread bacteria.”

WHA!? Keep reading »

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