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9 Animals Who Are Into Oral Sex

A recent study of fruit bats found cunnilingus to be a major part of their repertoire. While following a colony of 420 bats roosting in a fig tree over the course of 13 months, researchers witnessed 57 incidences of sex — both oral and intercourse. The female bats who received oral sex before intercourse were…

Ami Angelowicz / April 4, 2013

Boo-tiful Halloween-Inspired Jewelry

Sure, dressing up for Halloween is fun and all, but buying a costume that you’ll wear for one night seems like a waste of money. We suggest you put together an ensemble from your own closet, then splurge on a little piece of jewelry that invokes that spirit of the season but can be wor…

Catherine Strawn / October 20, 2008

Thursday Quickes!

Sunglasses beat out bags in the race for must-have luxury item. […

The Frisky / July 10, 2008