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This Little League Coach’s Rousing Pep Talk Is About So Much More Than Baseball

Little League
"We didn't quit. That's us!...You're all my boys."

After the Cumberland American team lost at the Little League World Series on Monday, their amazing coach, David Belisle, gave them a speech they’ll likely never forget. The team lost 8-7 to a team from Illinois, and many of the Cumberland players couldn’t help but cry. Belisle, however, couldn’t have been prouder of his team, and knew exactly what to say to cheer them up. I don’t know about you, but life lately has put me in need of a serious pep talk, and this one totally does the trick, whether you’re losing at baseball or whatever else life is throwing at you right now. [E! Online]

Baseball Player Mo’Ne Davis Led Her All-Male Little League Team To The World Series

Go Girl
Mo'Ne Davis
"They See My Fastball And They Get Kind Of Scared"

Mo’Ne Davis, a 13-year-old from Philadelphia, led her Little League baseball team to the World Series by striking out six batters on Sunday with her amazing pitching skills. Her fellow players are male, and she’ll be only the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series, which will take place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Davis, who plays for the Taney Youth Baseball Association, can pitch a 70-mph fastball.

Girls have only been allowed to participate in the Little League World Series since 1974. Just one other girl will play in this year’s Series, Emma March of Canada’s South Vancouver league. This is the third time two girls have played in the Series at once, and both March and Davis will make their first showing at the World Series this Friday on ESPN. Keep reading »

Watch Chrissy Teigen Throw A (Maybe Drunk) First Pitch

Watch Chrissy Teigen Throw A (Maybe Drunk) First Pitch
Nailed It!

I have such a girl crush on Chrissy Teigen. The model and wife of John Legend seems like a freaking blast. Last night, she took to the field at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and threw out the ceremonial first pitch, which was executed pretty flawlessly, especially when you consider that Chrissy seemed to be rather sloshed. Girl showed up to play. [PopSugar]

RIP: Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padre & Baseball Hall Of Famer, Dies From Cancer At Age 54

RIP: Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padre & Baseball Hall Of Famer, Dies From Cancer At Age 54

We don’t usually write a whole lot about sports news on The Frisky, but an exception must be made for legendary baseball player Tony Gwynn, who passed away today after a four-year battle with cancer. He was 54. As a diehard San Diego Padres fan throughout my childhood and early teenage years, the right fielder’s life-size poster decorated my bedroom wall. Gwynn was one of the best and most consistent hitters in baseball history, and was the National League batting champion eight times. He played in 15 All-Star Games and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2010, he announced he had salivary cancer, which he attributed to years of chewing tobacco. Known to fans as Mr. Padre, Gwynn turned down opportunities for more money in favor of playing and staying in San Diego for his entire 20-year career. He was awesome and will be missed. [ABC News]

50 Cent Throws Comically Bad First Pitch At Mets Game

50 Cent Throws Comically Bad First Pitch At Mets Game
"I'm a hustler not a ballplayer."

Cue the inevitable jokes about how 50 is good enough to actually play for the Mets. [Gawker]

Hump Day Hottie: The San Francisco Giants’ Ángel Pagán

Hottie: Taylor Kinney
The "Chicago Fire" heartthrob --and Lady Gaga's BF -- makes us hot. Read More »

With the cold winter months approaching, it’s time to heat things up. Our new newsletter, Hump Day Hotties, will bring our favorite eye candy directly into your inbox every Wednesday. (Subscribe here!) Feel free to drool. We won’t judge.

Once upon a time, when I was but a tween on the cusp of puberty, I was really, really into baseball. And my favorite player was the San Diego Padres’ right fielder Tony Gwynn. While I mostly felt admiration for his incredible skill in both fielding and hitting, I also had a small crush on the strapping 300 lb. Gwynn, and the life-size poster that adorned my wall (alongside Teen Beat tearsheets of younger heartthrobs) proved as much. If I was still into baseball and still gave precious wall space to life-size posters of athletes, Ángel Pagán would be the man whose two-dimensional stare would follow me around the room as I undressed. The handsome San Francisco Giants’ outfielder plays in tonight’s first World Series game against the Detroit Tigers. When I asked my Giants’ loving friends who was the handsomest man with a bat in the Bay Area, Puerto Rican-born Pagán got the most love — and I’m sure you can see why. And did I mention that he led the National League in triples? Mmm, round those bases, Ángel! I may not be an avid baseball fan these days, but as a born and bred California girl and a lover of handsome bearded men, this Hump Day Hottie post is dedicated to Ángel Pagán and the entire Giants team. Get it, Orange and Black!

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