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Lea Michele Threw Up While Singing “Let It Go” And There Is Video To Prove It

Let It Barf

For once, Lea Michele and I are on the same page. Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel,” she revealed that she threw up while singing “Let It Go” — and the entire thing was caught on camera. While this video has yet to surface, I am excited that I live in a world where even Lea Michele, my worst nightmare, cannot tolerate the aural nightmare that is “Let It Go.” Watch her talk about it with Kimmel above, and if you have footage of this momentous occasion, please send it to me so that I may watch it when I’m feeling blue. [EW]

Lady Gaga Got Artistically Barfed On At SXSW

morning quickies
Gaga Gagging
  • Lady Gaga got covered in vomit last night — for art. Onstage at SXSW last night, the “artist” Millie Brown shoved her fingers down her throat and barfed bright green liquid all over Gaga. She was wearing a white apron, so you could really see the green barf. Gaga performed the rest of her song, “Swine,” in her barf-covered apron like a true artiste. As someone who has been traumatically barfed on in public, I cannot stop shaking my head and thinking, I am too old for this shit. [Just Jared]
  • Austin police say the drunk driver at SXSW who killed two people and injured over 30 others was 21-year-old Rashad Charjuan Owens, a rapper who was performing at the festival that night. Gawker] Keep reading »

True Story: Some Guy Barfed On Me In The Subway This Morning

Subway Barf
5 things that happen if you barf on the subway. Read More »
Sick Thoughts
sick woman
10 things to think about while you are sick! Read More »
What grosses you out?
Don't get me started on hairs in my food... Read More »

Two years ago, I got food poisoning from some babaganoush and barfed inside a downtown 5 train on the New York City subway.

This morning I had the opposite experience when a total stranger barfed on me in the Q train during my Monday morning commute.

It’s the circle of life.

Keep reading »

The Royal Wedding Barf Bag

Keep this royal wedding barf bag handy on April 29th, 2011, every time you’re reminded 1) how much this is costing the British taxpayers, and 2) you’re not the one about to become a princess. It should have been me, Prince William. It should have been me! [Creative Review UK] Keep reading »

5 Things That Happen If You Barf In A NYC Subway Car

There are three things any person, anywhere in the world, who uses the subway is deathly afraid of happening:

  1. The subway gets stuck underground while the mariachi band is inside your car.
  2. A crazy guy pulls a knife on you.
  3. You barf.

Most people will be lucky enough to never experience their public transportation worst nightmare. But not me. No, not me!

On Tuesday afternoon, thanks to a startling lack of common sense on my part, I went into the New York City subway system when I had food poisoning. Keep reading »

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