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Slideshow: Bare Celebrity Feet, As Inspired by Kate Middleton

Yesterday, Kate Middleton removed her shoes to observe a judo match during an appearance at Bacon College in London, marking her bare feet’s public debut (and exposing our heretofore unknown desire to see them). Indeed, it’s quite rare for celebrities to allow their toes to be photographed, probably because even the nicestpieds rarely look good on-camera. After doing some research on the matter, we can deduce that the majority of shoeless celebrity photographs occur thanks to the following situations:

1. The celebrity is on a yacht, where shoe removal is mandatory.
2. The celebrity is at the beach.
3. The celebrity experiences some sort of shoe-related mishap, like a broken heel.
4. The celebrity is giving a musical performance.

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Public Displays Of Grossness: Bare Feet Edition

This morning, I was getting my daily fancy coffee drink — an iced soy latte with a shot of vanilla, if you please — at a neighborhood shop called Cookie Road. The woman in front of me was well-dressed and European — she was discussing the status of the Dutch Kroener with the barista behind the counter, and nothing, at first, seemed amiss. And then I realized that she was barefoot. Like, stinking-feet-on-linoleum-tile-in-a-bakery barefoot. Gross on multiple levels. First, you’re in a cafe, where food is served. Second, you had to walk on city streets, covered in basically the urban equivalent of herpes. Not cool. So, that was a pretty nasty thing to see first thing in the morning.

What about you? What’s the nastiest thing you’ve seen someone do in public lately? Keep reading »

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