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Mind Of Man: Why Men Prefer “Innocent” Girls To “Whorey Slutosauruses”

This week’s column was inspired by a recent article on MarieClaire.com entitled “Why Men Prefer Innocent Girls To Bad Girls.”

The other day, some guys and I were chillaxing in my pal Josh’s sweet hot tub doing what guys do which is hang out and be real and we were discussing “innocent” girls versus “wang-hungry she-beasts.” Across the board, the guys agreed they prefer an “innocent” woman, like a nun or a coma patient or a 16-year-old girl, over a “bitch.” And then Josh was all “dude you got a boner” and everybody high-fived and a couple hours later we all put our clothes back on. Keep reading »

Kiss “The L Word” Goodbye

The final season of “The L Word” is almost over, tear! This Sunday, the last episode of the groundbreaking show will air. Ilene Chaiken, the creator of the Showtime hit, lamented that she thought there would be more gayelle hours of TV power on the air before hers came to an end. While LOGO has done a great job of identifying what we girls want to see — like the prison drama, “Bad Girls,” and”Curl Girls,” about lesbian surfers — what about the primetime networks?! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pitch some shows we’d totally watch. Network execs, call us!

Keep reading »

Women’s Prisons Are So Hot Right Now

Seriously, women’s prisons are the new black. Three TV shows, currently in the works, will feature babes behind bars. Alan Ball, the writer/creator that brought you Six Feet Under and American Beauty, is slated to do another show at HBO, an adaptation of the award winning British hit, Bad Girls. The program promises to be gripping like the other network’s prison drama success, Oz and perhaps the only one with the chance at an Emmy. Another acclaimed movie man, director Robert Rodriguez, is also working on a women’s prison show and has been shopping the pilot for Women In Chains!. Although it hasn’t found a network home, since it promises sexy stunts like mud wrestling from the likes of Rose McGowan, it’s a matter of time before someone jumps on it. Last, but not least, Fox is making a salacious new show that should even give Rodriguez competition for his vamped up action scenes. A spin-off of Prison Break, the working title for the female version isn’t condescending or sexist at all. Just kidding, it’s Fox afterall, and it’s called Prison Break: Cherry Hill. We’re pretty sure there’s a porno out there with the same title. [TV.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Good Girl Vs. Bad Girl

[Bows, $375, and Snakes, $315, at ShopBop.com. Why does it cost $60 more to be good?] Keep reading »

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