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Dating Don’ts: Quit Trying So Hard (As Demonstrated By Two Contestants On Last Night’s Episode Of “Bachelor Pad”)

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Dating Don'ts: 5 Minutes
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Do not sketch your date's face!

While watching last night’s episode of “Bachelor Pad,” I had two distinct thoughts: 1) Michael Stagliano is the only normal person on this show and 2) the worst thing you can do on a date is try too hard. I have been so, so guilty of this. I’m sure all of us have. But this was like my dating self’s tragic flaw. As a former actress, the instinct to impress was ingrained in me, and this extended to my love life. I thought I had to give ‘em a little extra flair to make them cast me as the part of “girlfriend.” Wrong.

I didn’t do this physically. I brought gifts. This is as embarrassing for me to talk about as it is for you to read. There were cookies baked, mixed CDs made, a copy of  The Unbearable Lightness of Being with a hand-written inscription presented. All before the third date. As you can probably guess, these guys ran for the hills. They were probably frightened. Just as frightened as Jamie was when Ryan over-celebrated her birthday — spelling her name out in licorice on her bed, giving her flowers and balloons, and getting her sushi. Or as uncomfortable as Michael was when Donna presented him with a sketch of his face during their date one-on-one time. Cringe. Keep reading »

“Bachelor Pad”: The 4 Moments You Missed On Last Night’s Episode

Bachelor Pad 3!
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"Bachelor Pad" Twist
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Before I begin here, I should confess that I decided to stop watching “The Bachelorette” as of this past season. I had many reasons for this decision, the most important being that Emily bores me to tears. So, this means that I don’t recognize a few of the players on the new season of “Bachelor Pad,” which is fine considering they’ve decided to include a few “fans” as contestants this season. And I don’t recognize them either. Well, most of them. But more on that later.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the first episode of “Bachelor Pad” was a bit of a snooze. The only person I found myself caring about was last season’s winner Michael Stagliano, who seems like a normal guy. Why the hell does he keep doing the show? What is he getting out of it? He already won. He already got his heart broken twice by “Bachelor” bitches. Is he a masochist? I know four, non-crazy girls right here in The Frisky office who would be happy to have him. Oh, and Erica Rose is always fun to watch. But for a much different reason. She gives the best snarky one-liners. All that being said, the four most exciting (is that the right word?) moments of last night’s episode are after the jump. Keep reading »

6 Reasons We’re Excited For “Bachelor Pad 3″

After being booted off “The Bachelorette” on Monday night’s episode, Chris Bukowski is confirmed as the final “Bachelor Pad 3″ contestant. Get ready for a heaping helping of drama, hookups, and roses when “Bachelor Pad” returns for its third season on July 23.

This season’s contestants include the standard “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” rejects — some more entertaining than others — but there is a new twist this go-around, as there will also be five “superfans” (including twin sisters who count as one — yeah, I don’t get it either) competing for $250,000, with a possible side of romance. But let’s be honest, what we are really excited for is the crazy, which isBachelor Pad’s claim to fame. Even Chris proved in his final moments on Emily’s season that he had enough edge for the spin-off with his closing statement: “I’m 10 times the man of all those fucking dudes that are still there right now.” And what better way to see what we can expect from this group of rose rejects than to review their best and worst moments on TV? So check out this season’s standout contestants and their most dramatic moments from the “Bachelor” franchise now! Read more…

The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Who Won The Money On “Bachelor Pad”

Last night’s season finale of “Bachelor Pad” was kind of like McDonald’s Supersize French Fries—it was three hours long, loaded with salt, and left me feeling kind of woozy after I devoured it. So, were Kasey and Vienna able to strong-arm themselves into the win? Did Holly gravitate back toward Michael or stay fixated on Blake? How does Ella’s new face look? And who won the freaking money? Find out after the jump as I recap the good, bad, and WTF moments of last night. Keep reading »

“Bachelor Pad” Twist: Holly Durst And Blake Julian Are Engaged

If you, like myself, have been watching “Bachelor Pad” hoping that Holly Durst would see the light and take back sweet, sincere Michael Stagliano, give up now. It’s not going to happen. Word comes today that Holly is engaged to boring and slightly leery dentist Blake Julian, who she met on the show. Holly made the difficult choice to vote him off last week and sent him away with a note that read, “This isn’t the end for us.” Apparently she meant it.

Okay, maybe I am being a little cynical here. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: My Mom Wants Me To Date A Reality TV Star

One of my mother’s favorite pastimes, aside from texting me my daily horoscope, is playing Yenta for her 30-something single daughter. Only she doesn’t try to set me up with nice Jewish boys. No, she prefers to shop for my potential suitors on reality television.

It all started after the guy who I thought was my soulmate dumped me suddenly. I was devastated. Perhaps in an attempt to sooth my pain, my mother vowed to find me another guy, someone better.
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