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An Open Letter To The Fools At Bacardi

Dear Bacardi,

I am writing to express my concern about the scary things going on in advertising lately. It seems like each ad gets crazier or more offensive then the next. Did you see the new Tampax ad where a boy wakes up one day with a vagina? WTF. Anyhoo…I know that companies such as yours are getting all desperate to sell stuff (even fruity rum drinks) with the current economic climate, but does that really mean it’s acceptable to come up with a blatantly offensive ad campaign? I need help understanding the thought process behind the worst campaign I think I’ve ever seen, your new Bacardi Breezers campaign entitled “Ugly Girlfriends,” which featured a variety of “Ugly Girlfriends” as the new accessory for women to look hotter this summer. Keep reading »

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