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10 Awkward Girl Idols

Over the past few years, awkwardness has become a trait to be embraced. There are so many awkward girls being portrayed in movies and TV, as well as the slew of Hollywood It Girls out there showing the world that it’s OK to be awkward. Love them or hate them, we’ve already embraced them! Here’s a gallery of some of the best awkward girls out there. Read more…

An Ode To The Ugly Ducklings Of “America’s Next Top Model”

Ann Ward is by leaps and bounds the most awkward girl to appear on “America’s Next Top Model.” At 6’2″ she towered over the other already-tall contestants and she had a Vivien Lee-sized waist that caused controversy before Cycle 15 even started. Oh, and her personality. Ann is not just soft-spoken—when she speaks, it actually sounds like it hurts her to force out words—and she is shy to the millioneth degree. While Ann continuously blew the judge’s away with her photos over the course of the season, when it came to walking the runway she was like a baby giraffe to take its first steps. And when it came to shooting commercials, it was just hard to watch. See: her falling over and over again and breaking into tears during the roller skating commercial.

But now, SPOILER ALERT, Ann is no longer the season’s the freaky girl. She is America’s Next Top Model. She somehow managed to out-model her icy blonde competitor, Chelsey, and will get the most high fashion placement the show has offered this far—a spread in Vogue Italia as well as representation by an agency. Ann, of course, represents a familiar “Top Model” archetype—the ugly duckling Tyra hopes to turn into a swan. Let’s take a look back at Ann’s sisters in awkward. Keep reading »

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