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D-Bags Galore: A Field Guide To The 7 Worst Guys On The Internet

Every once in a while, a singular man emerges out of all the double rainbows, cats wearing wigs and Lady Gaga fan fic, and proves himself to be a truly exceptional asshat. These very special guys say and do offensive, obnoxious and borderline illegal things and then POST ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET — and for that we think they should all collectively probably never get laid again.

Earlier this week, a new d-bag tossed his ring into the Crappy Internet Dude pool. Adam White was a whiny blogger/frustrated writer who outed the identity of Twitterer TeleEroticist — a female blogger who wrote hilarious missives on her experiences as a phone sex operator — to her family. White was seemingly bitter that TeleEroticist’s writing — along with that of other women writers like Julie Klausner — was getting notice while his own highly fascinating blog, “Reasons Why I Hate Girls,” was not. This guy is just one of a zillion out there who mistakenly believes that a woman’s success comes at his own expense. But perhaps, dear Adam, these female writers are getting book deals because they’re talented and you’re not, baby.

After the jump, we’ve assembled some of the worst dudes to ever grace the internet’s tubes in one handy list. It’s not simply that these guys suck; they suck in particular because they hide behind the protective safety of their computer monitors (safely out of kicking range) in order to say and do truly horrible things. Get ready for douche chills. Keep reading »

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